Marcus Gladius

Titus Marcus Secundus Africanus Milo Florentinius Caesarillius, also commonly known as Marcus Gladius or to his friends Titus Milo, is an officer of the Children of the Nile Imperial Navy under command of Queen Arsinoe.

He is a celebrated Albay (Captain) of the Queen, most historically notable as the individual who delivered the killing blow to King Ptolemy in the Great Incestual War.

Character History

Born to the unsuccessful youngest brother of the Florenitinius family, Marcus's father failed to live up to the expectations of the family and as a result young Marcus lived in relative anonymity. He was raised on New Egypt, tutored privately and at an early age showed a proficiency for sports and military arts.

After being accepted as a naval officer in the Thothan Fleet (now defunct), he quickly ascended the ranks and first became noticed by the top brass when he began outranking his elder cousins, sons of the more successful Florentinii brothers. He got his first command at the tender age of fifteen (roughly 25-ish in unengineered human aging) and quickly made a name for himself as a ruthless combatant, magnanimous leader, and skilled tactician.


During the Great Incestual War, he sided with the rebel Queen because of her political affiliation with the Republican movement, which he was sympathetic to. Within the first year of the war, the Queen had made him her Commander-In-Chief of naval forces. Though he unquestioningly stepped down in the light of Admiral Usset's defection to the Queen due to Usset's superior experience and prestige, he held the title for eight months and was never explicitly asked to step down due to unanimous respect for Gladius.

When his vessel, HHS Christ, discovered the location of the King in the twilight of the war, Gladius led the marine squad that boarded the King's vessel and killed the King himself. For this he has been both hailed and criticized (though mostly the former) throughout the empire and become a military celebrity.

Since the Queen's ascension to the throne, he has showed decidedly different opinions than Admiral Usset, the current CIC. His friendship with Commander Ace Kaelton of the Dread Conglomerate was no secret, and the Queen's current pro-Outer Rim Republic attitude has led some observers to believe Gladius may be a catalyst for another rebellion. He has persistently, however, denied anything but loyalty to the Queen.


He is a strong supporter and trusted consultant to Queen Arsinoe, often taking the guest seat on her council of viziers. He has a strong professional relationship with Admiral Usset, though they have distinct political differences.

His most notable friendship is with Commander Ace Kaelton, though the depth and scope of their relationship is totally unknown.


Marcus is a New Egypt champion of wrestling, fencing, and marksmanship, defending his title in all three annually in galactically-televised competitions. He has also been known to enter in foreign track and field competitions.

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