Memory Ball

The Memory Ball, or Escari Memory Ball, is a Tragolite device that displays past memories for ones self at whim.



The Memory ball is infused with a controlled Deamon to power and activate, as well as organize the infoming brain waves of its user. The Deamons have exceptional psionic abilities but are restricted to incoming information. When used, the brain projects the desired memories to be displayed and the Deamon projects the images in crystal clearity across the surface of the spinning ball. Sound can be displayed along with the image if the user so chooses.


When Dormant, the Memory ball is the size of a marble, light blue and easily carried in a pocket.


When the user focuses its attention on the ball it will grow exponentially usually up to 6 inches in diameter, the size is normally limited to a maximum of 3 feet depending on the scene being shown and the users desire. It is best for a memory ball user to be of psionic persuasion to levitate the ball, however anti-grav machinery or magical spells work just as well to display the picture. If the ball is left on a solid suface it sill still work, however the ball can pass through most surfaces, distorting the outer edges of the picture and projecting through the surface.Rumors of plasma burns are unfounded when using the memory ball. During the projection phase, it is not uncommon for the memory ball to spin at high speeds. It is at this point that the image is displayed. Upon completion, the memory ball will return to its dormant size for easy and convienent storage.


Use History

The Memory ball was a gift from the Celeste upon first contact with the Tragolite Federation in ancient times, since then it has become a common item throughout the Federation, from crop farmers on agri-worlds to the Queens and Princesses of endless worlds, to the berth of a sailor embarked on a cross-universe flight, the Memory ball keep the images and memories of far-off worlds fresh ion the minds of thier users. Memory balls have also been used to ressurect the memories of the recently deceased and the brain-damaged. They are often prescribed for therapy.

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