Character History

Mirra was born 25 Standard galactic years ago, a girl of wealthy blood on Courscant. Her parents are important bank executives at the Bank of Courscant. Mirra was given the best education parents could give when she decided to attend the Republic academy at the disgust of her parents. Mirra became a good pilot student but ran afoul of the rules and resigned her commision rather than face charges. After several months back at home, she convinced her parents to buy her a state of the art YT-1930 Freighter which she named Stellar Night. She took to the skies, flying her own cargo roots and fell into a smugglers ring operating out of a small asteroid field in the Ord Mantell system. Since then, she has made a bit of a fortune after scoring exclusive cargo contracts with the Tragolite Federation and the merchants out of Obanna Station.


Mirra uses plasma weaponry provided by the Tragolites as well as projectile weaponry ie. 1911 style pistol.

Important Notes

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