Miyako Adair

Miyako Adair is the daughter of Queen Saroya Asher and Prince Consort Gideon Adair. She holds the rank of Series Commander in the Saroyan Royal Guard and is the Princess of Saroya

Character History

Miyako was born to strange circumstances as her mother, Saroya Asher was kidnapped by Helix Corporation goons and secretly implanted with Gideon Adair's genetic material. At birth, Miyako was whisked away from her mother and installed in a home in the Southern Region of Saroya with Kimiko posing as her mother. At the age of 14, Miyako was enrolled in the Royal Saroyan Bending Academy where she began to hone her skills in water bending, unknown to all she had spent her lifetime training in the skill and had a graps on the skill of Earthbending, a boon granted to her by her false mother through genetic alterations over many cycles. Miyako surpassed all of her fellow students and was picked, ironically, by Captain Gideon Adair to join the Royal Guard.

Miyako finally saw her chance to take her rightful place, as foretold by her "mother" and vowed to remove Saroya asher and take the title of Queen for herself until Helix Corporation attacked the planet to retrieve the Queen, who through mystical power was a doppleganger, the real Saroya Asher was in a pocket dimension of null time. Miyako joined with the attacking Helix troops and was whisked away to the pocket universe where she was told the entire story by Kimiko and saw her own birth. She chose duty and love over entitlement and turned on Kimiko, saving her moher and turning the criminal over to Starfleet for punishment.

Miyako returned to the guard and has since cultivated her relationship with her father and her mother, finding true unconditional love at their hands.


Saroya Asher - Miyako's mother and Queen
Gideon Adair - Miyako's father and Captain
Caleb Harris - Miyako's boyfriend
Sasha Maktiel - Miyako's best friend
[[Dakryan Ryder]]]- Miyako's friend and admirer



Miyako is trained in Royal guard defense tecniques including basic tactical training and weaponry. Her main powers are her proficiency at Water and Earth bending along with Chi blocking techniques. Miyako has honed her already impressive bending skills under tutoring by her mother and father.

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