Narcotic and drug list

Sometimes….sometimes I see angels. - Unknown street walker.

Nicotine Products

Pyt (a Quarren chewing weed)
Mc'gog (fine Corelli
an cigars)
Fast Swoop (cigarette brand)
Golden Bantha (Camel-like cigarette brand)
Wpohe (used regularly as a tobacco or in herbal teas)
Kresh Cigarettes (Give off a purple smoke)
Rylos Golds(Eucolyptus smell with health benefits.)


Drethill (an untested crystallized powder spice- hallucinogen)
Duble'helis (aggressive biological drug- feeds on organics)
Ryll Spice (dangerous/addictive drug)
Glitterstim Spice (Kessel spice)
m'e (an addictive drug similar to cross between opium/catnip)
Wpohe (drug that impairs mental, physical, sex & hunger when drying
the milky juice of its unripe seedpods- smoked or injected)
Red Eye - Turns vision red, makes everything seem slow motion because your moving so fast. Withdrawal effects are severe.
Death Sticks

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