New Egypt

New Egypt, also known as Rak or Rak 4 is an inhabited planet in the Outer Rim. It has been the capitol of two nations, and the location of many treaty signings. It is one of the major planets in the area.



The planet is human habitable. It sustains a vast array of plant and animal life. It has ecozones and weather patterns comparable to most incarnations of Earth. Its most distinguishing feature is its density and high levels of radioactive ore in the crust.


The original culture on the planet has long since been lost, but the ruins of their civilization have become anthropological wonders for all over the galaxy to see.

It is believed that the original Rak culture was destroyed by the Sluagh, a now extinct native of the sector.

Some time after this extinction, the Gorn began a colony on Rak 4, giving it its current name. Rak is originally a Gorn alphanumerical symbol, and the planet is fourth from the sun. The Gorn culture here was renowned for some time before being driven out by the Children of the Nile.

Renamed and resettled, Rak 4 became New Egypt, and the culture of the world changed again.


Currently the planet is the de-facto capitol of Queen Arsinoe. It is considered a Dependancy under Arsinoic law, which means it is granted a Lord. However, it is not a Colony, and therefore does not get to elect its own Governor.

Important Notes

Orbiting New Egypt is Space Station Prime

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