New Republic

The New Republic is a galactic government.



The New Republic is the latest of Galactic governments to govern the galaxy, rising from the ashes of both the Old Republic and the Galactic Empire.

Death of the Old Republic

The Old Republic by its later years, was a stagnant and rather corrupt government where money was often the maker of laws, though people still often refer to it fondly. But it was during this stagnation that allowed Palpatine his chance to gain power. First the blockade of Naboo by the Trade Federation led to the ousting of Chancellor Valorum, this followed by what is believed to be a carefully sculpted war with the Separatists saw Palpatines power rise. In 19 BBY the war came to an end, and Palpatine put his plan into action. The Jedi Purge saw the destruction of the Jedi Order, and a failed attempt by a number of Jedi to stop Palpatine was used in a farce that allowed Palaptine to turn the Republic into the Galactic Empire. Those reistant were instantly rounded up, and most often, executed.


From the very beginning of the Empire's birth, small groups of rebels were forming. From quiet senators within the empires own senate, to small groups of soldiers and aliens who saw their own rights increasingly diminished and eventually removed into outright slavery, after the Ghorman Massacre, where peaceful protesters were killed when Wilhuff Tarkin landed a ship directly upon the protesters against a new tax. For this action, Tarkin was promoted to Admiral, and many people saw the empires evils laid bare. The Alliance to Restore the Republic was born from three powerful rebel groups, but even with their Alliance these early days were still very dark, with very little hope for success.

Yavin to Endor

Tarkin, now a Grand Moff would again play major events in the Republics early days, leading up to what is considered the greatest battle fought by the Alliance. Tarkin, promoting his ideals of rule through fear had constructed an enormous space station known as the Death Star. This station could destroy entire planets, and would guarantee the death of the Alliance. Plans of this base had fallen into the hands of the Alliance, and hot on its heels was the Empire, looking for both the plans and the Rebels hidden base, where they had been performing a number of harassing strikes upon Imperial shipping. During interrogations Tarkin destroyed the world of Alderaan, home world of Princess Leia Organna, who had come into posession of the plans and passed them along again before her capture. After rescuing the Princess,Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, would lead the Empire to the secrete base, and then play the pivotal role when Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death star, by firing a proton torpedo into a unshielded exhaust shaft.
It was a major victory and for the first time entire planets were starting to rise up, and the rally cry "Remember Alderaan" would spur the rebels on.
It wasn't by any means an easier war however, with the destruction of the Death Star the rebels were forced to flee, and begin planet hopping as the Empire dogged them tirelessly thought the galaxy. A decisive route at the Battle of Hoth saw the fragile Alliance at a new low, ready to fall apart, and then a new opportunity arose.
A new Death Star, being built over Endor, the Emperor there to oversee the final construction, the fleets of the Empire scattered across the galaxy. It was bait too good to pass up, and a Trap well plotted, except the Emperors flawed vision of the galaxy, his miscalculations in the willingness of the rebels, and a few lucky hits. The Death Star was destroyed and the Emperor killed by his own apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, known as Darth Vader, had turned to the light to save his son, giving his own life to see the Emperors ended. Almost overnight the Empire became shattered and splintered.

The New Republic

With the debris cooling in the background the New Republic was born declaring their freedom and beginning a long fight for their right to govern themselves, with many planets joining along the way. Although the Empire was no longer whole, the Warlords that divided it were still powerful in their own right for the fledgling government, and year after year, Warlord after Warlord, the Republic fought on, until finally in 19 ABY the Imperial Remnant signed a peace treaty, bringing the war to an end and bringing promise of peace to a galaxy that had been torn by almost constant warfare since the start of the Clone Wars.

The Route of Ages

The Route of Ages was found that same year, leading to a new era just as quickly as the old one ended. A new Ally in the Federation, new threats, and new potential seemed to pour from this object, and only time will tell how the republic will come out.


Currently the New Republic Occupies the largest portion of the Galaxy out of any other faction. While still not as large as the Old Republic or even the former Empire, they still control the majority of the Core, Colony, and Mid Rim worlds where a great deal of the galaxies population and infrastructures exist, giving them a strong base to grow from. Their reach and influence into the Outer Rim is limited mostly to the trade routes and since most Rim worlds are highly Independent populations they tend to stay out of the majority of situations that rise.


Easily the largest economy, its numbers are drastically reduced from the Old Republics figures due to the years of civil war that erupted. With peace with the Imperial Remnant and no major engagements the economy is starting to push upwards rapidly towards its pre-war numbers.


Due to its size the culture of the Republic is varied, from the core worlds and their homogenized cultures due to years of trade and interaction, to isolated pockets of aliens along the Mid and Outer Rim territories who's own cultures are mostly intact with little to no influence from the outside world.

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