Obanna Station

Obanna Station, sometimes heralded as "the Jeweling Station of the Tatoo Sector", is one of the largest and most persistently successful space station in the Outer Rim. It's chief competitors are Olympus 4 and Space Station Prime.

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Obanna Station was developed and constructed by the Tragolite Federation Forces mid-05. The original purpose was to give them a forward operating base in the Arkanis sector for rearming and replenishment. Upon Suggestion by several local businessmen, the Tragolites decided to expand upon the original design and add a mining operation along with a large Civilian section.

At over 45 miles long, Obanna station is a feat of engineering. Its superstructure was constructed and moved from the Rylonian Shipyards through a foldspace rift produced by the Tragolite Corps of Engineers. Since then the Station has been constructed on a three-fold basis.

The first Sector constructed was the Military Sector. 27 miles of the Station make up this skeletal section of the station.The military section is highly resticted and reserved for use by Tragolite and allied forces. There have been several exceptions to this restriction, namely damaged military spacecraft of forces close to the Tragolites. Details are shrouded by a hologenerator that extends 12,000 feet from the section, making it look empty unless specifically altered by the Tragolite command.

The second and third sections (Mining and Civilian respectively) were completed soon after upon petition by local and galactic Corporations. The mining section is a complex of massive storage tanks and tractor beams used in collecting and storing rare minerals and gases from the atmosphere of Ohann. Carbonite freezing is often used in the transportation of these often volatile gases. A helpful side-effect of the mining and storage is the byproduction of Water, the Tragolites distribute this water on the planet Tatooine at cost of transportation, this fee has been waived on several occasions and a regulation is being considered to provide this water en gratis to the people. Most of the workers are Tragolite nationals, however a portion of DC refugees have been employed by the mining contractor.

Civilian Sector

The Civilian sector is the current main operational function of Obanna Station. It consists of 7 sectors laid out horizontally.

The White sector - is the "Top" sector, placed atop of the station, facing outboard of the planet is a large city of highrise buildings and Commercial buildings, a shield covers the white sector, providing protection from physical damage and energy weaponry. Maintenence droids provide constant repair of this sector. Often reguarded as a beautiful collection of artistically designed building, the Tragolite commissioned some of the most famous architects in the Star Wars Galaxy to design the white sector.

The Blue Sector - is the main entertainment and commercial sector, it is directly inboard of the White sector and is the main connector between all the above buildings, it features some of the best entertainment in the Arkanis sector and entertainment groupd from across the Galaxy come to perform at the various clubs, theatres, concert halls, and other various forms of entertainment. There are hundereds of commercial offices and bazars among the sector. Law enforcement and uniformed maintenence personel keep this sector under constant watch. Tragolite Security forces also provide security as well as Intelligence Officers. Security clearance is required to be on this level and is a quick process required by all visitors.

  • The Green Sector is the Storage and cargo sector for the station, extending along the entire station, it is heavily guarded and monitored. This sector also acts as the docking bay for Civilian ships. Exterior docking ports and pads are provided for larger freighters and tankers.
  • The Red Sector contains the Power generators and plants for the station, this area is restricted, only Station workers are allowed access.
  • The Orange Sector is the main dormitory and entertainment area for station workers, it provides ample living space, messing facilities, and entertainment venues. This sector is a private sector and regular civilian access is restricted to guests of station workers only.
  • The Brown Sector is a lower sector that is split between auxiliary cargo space, fuel tanks, and a shanty town that spans a good portion of the sector. This sector is highly dangerous and travel is at a visitors own risk. The shanty town is the site of many illegal activities ranging from drug distribution, Organized crime, Shadowrunners, and so forth. Regular crackdowns are conducted by Tragolite Security Squads in response to the block wars that often rage throughout the sector.
  • The Black Sector the "bottom" sector, is the maintenence and machienry sector, many of the life support and gravitational systems as well as thousands of other types of machines keep the station i working order, this area is constantly monitored and under repair by maintenencae Suboid types.

Important Notes

Obanna station is an important trade link in the Tatoo sector, refueling and transfer of cargo are constant operations. Following the establishment of the similarly designed Olympus 4 space station in ABY24, the Obanna station saw a major decline in popularity.

After the destruction of Olympus 4, Obanna station once again saw an increase in trade and commerce. No one on the station has been quick to affirm this statistic.

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