Outer Rim Republic

Outer Rim Republic is a fledgling faction created as the result of a military coup against the Dread Conglomerate



As Commander Ace Kaelton's mental state became more and more erratic, several members of the Conglomerate Officer Corps and Planetary Commanders met about the possibility of staging a coup to remove the Commander from power. The idea was discussed and almost dismissed, when the Commander used the first DC AntiMatter Weapon in the Jolaran System. The members of the coup decided they could not wait any longer, and the next day declared their secession from the rest of the Conglomerate. What followed was the largest exchange of thermonuclear weapons to happen in the galaxy in the last five hundred years.

The planet's Javin and Ryan were hit severely by planetary nuclear weapons, and there was extensive use of shipkilling nuclear warheads all over former Conglomerate space. When the dust had settled, the Conglomerate fleet was defeated, Commander Kaelton was reported dead, and the Outer Rim Republic was declared as the new faction power.


The Republic makes it's decisions through a Senate of ten representatives from each of the 5 planets and the combined colonies on Tatooine. It is presided over by Chancellor Carol Yves, formerly the Colony Commander of Larkin City on Tatooine. The capitol planet is Nathan.


Republic Space borders the Children of the Nile to the galactic southwest, and contains the Nebula within it's borders. The Nebula is still the territory of the former Dread Conglomerate, reffered to by the Republic as "Kaelton Loyalists". Planets within Republic borders are Javin, Charon, Kolya, Nathan, Kohl, and Guyana. Also under Republic control are the two colony-cities of Larkin and Neumann.

Armed Force

The Republic's military forces are comprised of the Conglomerate arsenals left behind, as well as equipment purchased from various sources, such as the Kukai Foundation

Ground Command

Ground forces are mainly comprised of Marauder-class battlemechs left behind by the Conglomerate. The Republic also maintains a minimal infantry force.

Air Command

Air combat is done by fighters, designated Aerospace by the Republic. These include ArchAngel, X-Wing, and E-Wing fighters.

Maritime Command

Republic Maritime forces are limited to patrol ships on planets like Guyana and Nathan, and local law enforcement.

Interplanetary Command

The Republic maintains what is left of the former Conglomerate starship depots. At present, there are 4 known supercarrier groups, and approximately 200 ships of the line. The fleet is under the command of Admiral Kivat Bathunter.


Most of the Republic's income is from the mining of several planets, including Charon. However, the food export industry from Kolya is quickly expanding. The Republic is in need of further economic expansion.


Most of the people of the Republic have lived their entire lives under Conglomerate rule. Many of them find their newfound freedom unsettling.

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