Paxmillion Limited

We are leaders in various mercantile systems as well as a leading provider of Calico jump technology. - Paxmillion Brochure

Mission Statement

Paxmillion is a inter-dimensional corporation represented by branches and core worlds in 4 dimensions.
They’re leading researchers in such areas as Propulsion systems, Weapons technologies, Bioengineering techniques, Marketing, and Inter-galactic business techniques. Recently Paxmillion has gained a foothold in the CFC Universe and are spreading their influence throughout the Star Wars galaxy as well as the Star Trek galaxy with help of the Romulan Star Empire.


They operate a core base out of The Tragolite Fortress system of Rylos. They have forward bases on Corillia, Naboo, Obanna Station in the Tatoo sector, and a research outpost on the galactic fringe on a planet named : Farcry IV.

Pax Assets

To prevent confusion or the feeling of cultural insignificance, this report will cover Paxmillion in the CFC Dimension.
The Core base in Rylos is a classified site due to Tragolite regulations, however we can discuss in sparing detail and in the interest of Paxmillion stockholders, the other corporate branches.
Corillian Scepter: The base in Corillia is the newest outpost of Paxmillion and mainly focuses on starship manufacturing , weapon development as well as sales, and Starship system utilization; R&D; along with sales. The CDO(Chief Directional Officer) is Pitr Gorneski, a Human from Dimension 2.b. A well educated and experienced leader, he’s focused the Corillian branch on its current operations and increased the profit margin by 400% since year Restart +3.
Naboo Sector : This base acts as a Local hub and distribution center, the main bulk of Paxmillion Cargo moves through this base consisting of 6 space stations. They are run under direction of Hrkka Velssz, a Alterian from Dimension 3a. PAxmillion has also taken on contract from other cargo companies and mercantile operations, handling, storing, and distributing their goods from Naboo throughout the Galaxy.
Tatoo Sector: Paxmillion operates out of a highrise in the top level of Obanna Station: in orbit around Ohann. Their main focus of this Hub is the distribution, acquisition, and manipulation of economic holdings throughout the outer rim. Karman Dell, a Tragolite from Dimension 1A runs the Paxmillion operation on Obanna Station and has made several ground breaking archeological discoveries concerning the Star Wars galaxy’s past.
Farcry Sector : Nestled deep in the unknown regions, Farcry 4 is a strategically important research world, details are sparse, both its remoteness and secrecy keep it from prying eyes, no hyperspace routes exist to this sector, like many of the sectors held by Tragolite forces.

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