The Peacekeepers are a vicious, galactic military organization from a far-off galactical spiral. Peacekeepers were originally a law enforcement agency, but have since become a Private military company which employs their people as mercenary soldiers. For a price, they will serve as the military force for planets that lack one, though this arrangement usually is more advantageous to the Peacekeepers than to their "clients."



The Peacekeepers were established some 15,000 odd cycles ago, by a mediatory race known as the Eidolons. The Eidolon's were capable of influencing peace, and created the Peacekeepers in order to maintain that peace. However, over time this origin was lost, when the Eidolon's vanished. Without their guidance, the Peacekeepers then became brutal and antagonistic, crushing whole civilizations and enslaving billions.

During the Scarran War, their secret history was revealed, including their genetic relation to a primitive race known as the Humans. This revelation of a noble past, and the information that the Peacekeepers were designed to protect civilizations and cultures that they now deem week and fit for enslavement, has caused some minor fracturing of the Command hierarchy. To date, there has been no official, or unofficial change in their tactics or moral sense.

The Peacekeepers first came through the Route of the Ages in an attempt to obtain Ancient technology to help them win in their war against the Goa'uld. After their war ended, they turned their eyes towards the United Federation of Planets, and attempted to make an alliance with the Harkonnens. However, due to interference on both fronts, the majority of their support fleet was destroyed by a Starfleet minefield over the Route of the Ages, and they were forced to flee to beyond Hutt space.


The Peacekeepers are a largely military organization, and as such, follow a strict meritocracy and military tradition. The Peacekeeper hierarchy is in roughly this form:

* The Grand Chancellor
* The members of the High Council and High Command (including the Vice Chancellor)
* Command Officers (Commandants, Admirals, Captains, and Commanders)
* Intelligence operatives (also known as Disruptors)
* Elite soldiers and pilots (Lieutenants, Officers, and Sub Officers)
* Other combat personnel
* Military doctors and technicians below soldiers
* Civilian scientists and advisers


The remaining Peacekeeper fleet is located out beyond Hutt Space. More details coming soon!

Armed Force

Peacekeeper weaponry favors plasma arms, generally based off of chakan oil. These weapons, known as Pulse Pistols, are popular among the Outer Rim and work similiar to blasters. Frag cannons and high-yield missiles were favorates of their space forces.

Ground Command

Peacekeepers possessed a number of elite ground units, often trained to work in conjunction with their air forces. They had limited ground support vehicles, instead relying on personnel-carried weaponry that is capable of destroying marauding forces. Due to their nature as a military, mercenary fleet, their planetside forces were generally either military or research bases (known as Gammak Bases).

Air Command

Peacekeeper military strength relies on flight superiority. They use a number of support fighters, all of which are capable of spaceflight as well, including the dangerous and agile Prowler, and the Marauders, which can also double as troop transports.

Maritime Command

Due to their nature as a mobile military force, their naval forces are largely converted space carriers, if ever used at all.

Interplanetary Command

The bulk of the Peacekeeper fleet is comprised of gigantic, mobile command bases known as Command Carriers. These giant ships serve as training fascilities, base operations, and the lynchpins of their fleets, each containing over 30,000 men, women, and children.
Peacekeeper fleets also include smaller, Pantak-class ships, and other mid-level carrier ships. They also utilize a living starship known as a Leviathan as a low level transport used for prisoners or cargo. Leviathan's, though peaceful, are kept enslaved by a 'control collar' attached to it's primary systems, and recently, research has been restablished to attempt to breed a Leviathan/Gunship hybrid that will contain twice the firepower of a Command Carrier while at 1/10th the size. However, all three successful births have yielded mentally unstable ships which still need a control collar, thereby limiting it's effectiveness in combat. The one ship that was raised without the collar, known as Raynx, was destroyed when he was unable to cease attacking long enough to dodge an enemy attack.


Peacekeeper economy is based on credit vouchers, and built on cheap, efficient slave labor.


Peacekeeper society is a harsh, unforgiving meritocracy. Success is rewarded quickly and richly, and failure is punished brutally. Individuals are expected to conform completely to the ideals of Peacekeeper life, including the belief that all other species are inferior.

While some Peacekeepers are forcibly "recruited" from non-military Sebacean settlements, many peacekeepers are born and reared aboard Command Carriers. They are trained from infancy to be elite soldiers and support staff and to follow orders without question. Reproduction is assigned in order to fill the ranks, and parents have no role in raising their children. It is a punishable breach of protocol for a parent to initiate contact with their child

Peacekeepers are encouraged to be discreet but promiscuous with their sexuality. Having regular sexual outlets (called "recreating") is seen as a way of relieving stress and of fulfilling biological urges so they do not become additional sources of stress. Forming a close personal relationship with a specific partner, however, or even just "recreating" with the same partner over a long period of time, is strictly taboo. Unintentional pregnancies are not uncommon, but it is assumed that the woman will not know or care about who the father is. As such, the child always takes the mother's surname, despite the fact that neither parent's identity will be known to or have any effect on the upbringing of the child. Intentionally having a child with a specific partner, or, presumably, intentionally becoming pregnant when it has not been assigned, is seen as a sign of sentimentality (and thus, weakness) and is a punishable offence.

Subordinates usually display unwavering loyalty to their superiors, though there are examples of an ambitious subordinate noticing and exploiting a weakness in their superior that allows them to usurp power.

Sebaceans seem to make up the bulk of the Peacekeepers and other members are the half-breed Scorpius, a notable exception who had to prove his loyalty to be declared exempt from the peacekeepers racial purity rules. The Peacekeepers also employ several large groups as slave laborers, notably the Banik.

Important Notes

The Peacekeeper-Goa'uld War was long, bloody, but effectively ended the Goa'uld domination of unknown systems beyond the Outer Rim.
The current leader of the Peacekeeper forces in the Commendant Atrenzu Vezenak.
The Peacekeepers were fond of releasing bounties on known criminals.
While their limited partnerships with Elusa Harkonnen had the bounties on Omega Kiyoshi and [[[Telana Daiko]] expunged, there is still a reward for the capture of Mike Little, Haweke Karbn, Saroya Asher, and the thief known only as The Slider for their attack on a Command Carrier.

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