Planetkiller Nuclear Torpedo

The Mk. XI nuclear torpedo is a high yield thermonuclear weapon designed for anti-planet attacks by the Dread Conglomerate. It is sometimes referred to colloquially as a "DustBuster" torpedo



The original anti-planet torpedoes were designed at the last minute to strike against a planet found to be one of several Egg homeworlds. The attack became a textbook operation for the Conglomerate and the tactic was used several times, with varying success. Typical deployment of a DustBuster weapon is by firing 4-12 weapons, generally from widely differing points of origin.


The basic design is just a larger version of the shipkiller nuclear torpedo. Yield size can vary from 10 to as many as 100 gigatons in the latest models. Unlike it's shipkilling cousin, the standard issue Mk. XI is not designed to penetrate it's target, rather set for an airburst detonation.

Important Notes

The Torpedo Boat was developed specifically to deploy this weapon. Several of the largest classes of ships were also fitted with limited number of rounds.
Following the Conglomerate Civil War, large stockpiles of these weapons were captured by the Outer Rim Republic. Many of them have been publicly destroyed, but at least 150,000 weapons are unaccounted for.

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