The Praetor-class battlecruiser is a light assault vessel created for fast response and escort duty by the Dread Conglomerate.

Ship Class History

The Praetor-class battlecruiser was developed by Stan Haliway, originally as an exploration vessel for exploring the new territory claimed by the Dread Conglomerate. As their exploration task neared completion, the existing vessels were fitted with weapon emplacements and put into service. The design for new ships was modified to function as an escort cruiser. The Praetor-class predates the other two major DC ship classes, the Javin-class battleship and the Salvatore-class supercarrier.


The Praetor-class is approximately 450 meters in length, and about the same shape as the saucer section of a Galaxy class Federation starship. The center of the ventral surface is raised to created a bridge superstructure. Starboard and port batteries consist of 10 turbolaser turrets each, with an additional forward battery of 4 turrets. Also included are point defense quadcannon turrets, 4 railgun emplacements and 2 forward facing torpedo tubes.


Standard crew compliment is 430 crew, and 45 Marines. The ship can be run by a skeleton crew of four if neccessary.

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