Professor Dravich

Doctor Professor Harry Dravich is an eccentric professor of Temporal Science from the University of Coruscant, currently on extended research leave from teaching duties. He resides in the Tatoo system. professor_irwin_corey.jpg

Character History

Harry Dravich was born on Coruscant. He has been diagnosed with a variety of neuroses throughout his life, the common diagnosis being "manic-depressive", "obsessive-compulsive" and "general dementia".

Always a bright child, Dravich achieved college education by age 14 and his first doctorate, in Physics, at age 16. By age 25, he held two doctorates (Physics and Quantum Mechanics), and was offered a position at the University of Coruscant. He currently holds three PhDs, in the fields of Physics, Quantum Mechanics, and Temporal Mechanics. Dravich quickly established a reputation as both a brilliant teacher and something of a loose cannon. Questions about unorthodox teaching techniques caused several investigations, but Dravich's continual success rate spoke volumes, and his position was never threatened.

However, Dravich's odd behavior did not make him many friends, as well as gauranteeing that he himself never rose very high in the hierarchy of the university. As rivals and critics rose in the collegiate ranks, Dravich found himself questioned more and more. When Dravich proposed his radical theory of "metapsychohistory", he found himself ridiculed.

Long past tenure, even high placed critics were unable to fire Dravich outright. Eventually it was decided that he would be place on "extended research leave" to Tatooine. The Route of Ages being central to his theories, Dravich did not contest what was, in practice, an exile.

Dravich has had several major experiments over his years in the Tatoo system. Some, like his attempt to create a stable wormhole utilizing the Hellmouth underneath the Mos Eisly Cantina, have been horrific failures. Some, like his attempt to create an interdimensional teleportation system, have been fantastic successes. Dravich has purchased lab space next door to the Cantina.


Professor Dravich has interacted with most of the regular denizens of Tatooine at some point or another. Most dismiss him as idiotic or a harmless piece of the scenery, some recognize him for the potentially dangerous good-meaning-savant that he is.


Harry Dravich is not a fighter by any conventional meaning of the word. He has only limited knowledge of weapons, and is physically unimposing. Give him a tricorder, a sensor bank and some duct tape and he'll show his true skills.

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