Quantum Replacement Drive

Quantum Replacement, or QR, is a pseudo-propulsion drive developed by the Children of the Nile. It used extensively by the military and broadcast entertainment industry, though the private transportation sector generally still uses hyperdrive and occasionally warp propulsion.


Pictured is the famous photograph of the now sunk HHS Amen Ho-Tep on her maiden voyage after reclassing the fleet to the Cantina Universe.


Ships outfitted with QR drives can instantly teleport from any location to any other location, irregardless of energetic or physical boundaries, or distance.

The technology can be used on any scale, depending on energy consumption, and has been used by private companies for the following products:


  • Emergency QR: After Queen Arsinoe became CEO of MiliTech, she ordered a contingency system to be used on military and merchant marine vessels in the occasion of leadership failure and tactical emergency, automatically using whatever energy to displace a ship to a pre-determined safe location.
  • Alexander Personnel Transport System: Used extensively during the Great Incestual War, the APTS is a QR drive that can be worn as a belt. The energy packs can only be used once, so APTS's are a disposable tool, meant to be discarded after use. The Gorn Empire used stolen APTS's against the Dread Conglomerate, and the Queen herself is known to use them. Albay Marcus Gladius once called them "The single greatest infantry tool at our disposal."

Royal Network News

  • Q-Comm: Based on designs from the now-defunct SSR Entertainment owned and operated by King Ptolemy, when the Queen took over she commissioned the newly-formed RNN to develop a prototype. The device allows for pulses of packet data over radio transmissions by quickly QRing air that has radio wave in it directly to a receiver anywhere else in the universe.


Quantum Replacement operates by creating an energetic field around the drive itself, expanding in a spherical shape outward from the point of origin. When an object, person, or ship opens an initial parameter around itself/themselves, it is, for a single point in time, existant at every point in space, including in areas already contained by other matter. Then a twin parameter opens in one of those points, and the item, person, or ship, exists only at that point.

Like hyperdrive, however, this technology is useless if you don't know the exact location you are trying to get to. If you do not put in exact co-ordinates, you could end up inside a star, planet, or black hole. You might even end up in a different galaxy.

There are three aspects to quantum replacement: space, time, and realism. Space is the most obvious, transporting you to a different place. With time, it is the inverse of the above, with you existing at only one point in space, but every point in time, then selecting one. As for realism, it behaves with you existing at only one point in time and space, but in every universe within the multiverse.

Use History

It was initially developed for ship-to-ground or ground-to-ship transport, eliminating a need for shuttle transports - much like the United Federation of Planets use of transporter technology.

In an accidental, uncontrolled explosion, several Ptolemaic ships were transported by all three aspects, and sent to a slightly different time in a different galaxy in a different universe. Since then, only spatial and realism aspects may be used, and using temporal aspect is forbidden by penalty of death. Queen Arsinoe maintained this mandate after her brother's death a descent from power.

Important Notes

The QR operates on principles of Naylorian Relativism, as does the "Holly Hop Drive" (see: Red Dwarf)

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