Raenod Johansen

Raenod Johansen is … in short, an immortal pain in the ass, (at least in his daughter's eyes) as well as long time wanderer, and general insufferable know it all.


Character History

Born sometime several quadrillion years ago upon the tenth plane of existence Raenod Johansen, then going by the name *well not so much a name as the smell and taste of thousands of stars being born and dying simultaneously (spelled just like it sounds BTW)* lived among his kind for many thousands of eons, watching universes be born, exist, and atrophy into nothingness, only to be born again from the protoenergies that existences spring forth from.

However along about a few billion years prior to this, upon his gazing down to the lower planes he spied upon the balance of Chaos and Harmony that was the seventh level, a technically female existence amongst the forces of Chaos. In an unprecedented move, he fathered a child with her, see also Kristiea Sumont , this child, seen as an abomination amongst the forces of "Harmony", was barely saved when said forces of "Harmony" attacked and killed the mother. In response to this Raenod Johansen, after the child was saved by the other Ten's, Completely obliterated said plane of existence, mainly since if he was to only destroy his love's killers, he would be unleashing the forces of Chaos upon the lower levels.

Punishment for his actions however were somewhat severe, stripped of his astral form he was placed in a technically human shell upon the Mortal plane of existence, cursed to live there for all eternity, never growing old, and never being allowed to die, merely wander.

Some might consider this a light sentence… Time lapse of a few billion years, few billion worlds wandered upon, loves met, gained, and lost, all without any outward change in his form. When one day he encounters and befriends a young genetically and cybernetically enhanced super soldier known only as Rando. This friendship between the two later pays off greatly when roughly 30 years down the road, Rando's son, Jedi Knight Jonathan finds and infant girl upon the steps of a church in Mos Eisley, left there after having been rescued from the Seventh level shortly before its destruction. The child Kristiea Sumont is raised by said Jedi when at the age of 17, she meets her Father once more.

See page for Kristiea Sumont for more.


Many throughout the ages, though none are more important to him than his daughter Kristiea, whom he has been teaching how to control and harness her dormant abilities for now many hundreds of years, as well as teaching her many valueable lessons about other cultures.

Most of the time Kris just sees these yearlong sojourns to be pains in the ass, but I digress.

Important Notes

Technically can't really die as "death" is too easy a punishment for his crime of wiping out a plane of existance, he has to live his life, watching all he knows grow old and die, including one day many trillions of eons from now, even his daughter.

sucks to be him eh?

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