Reimarch Fold Space

Reimarch Fold Space is a broken dimension the Tragolite Federation uses to travel using their Fold Space Generators.

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Broken dimensions are a non existence transversal dimension reached by utilizing 8th power mathematics. Utilizing this dimension, which is everywhere but nowhere, seperated by a thin membrane and untold distance, the Tragolites Federation can move almost instantaniously between two points. Restrictions are placed that if you enter Reimarch Fold space, you must exit into the same dimension you came from. Reimarch space is timeless, without matter, and without distance.

Important Notes

Most ships traveling through Reimarch space elect to close all exterior shutters. Travelers have often reported shapes barely visable beyond exterior lights, even claiming ethereal tentacles or bubbles passing between ships in formation. Gravmetric sensors will constantly sound during transition, though no such sources of mass exist. Scholors have claimed Reimarch space is a level of Hell.

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