Route of Ages

The Route of Ages is a spatial anomaly located approximately 3 AU from core of the Tatoo System and has become perhaps the most traveled and sought after location in the galaxy at large.



More than a tesseract the Route is a space-time portal, a highway, that can lead to nearly anywhere in space and time. It is the place where opposites cancel time. Investigations are on going as to the exact nature of the anomaly.

Many who pass through it nearly miss the multifaceted gem at its center. Some do not.


While the history of the Route of Ages' origins is as mysterious as it mechanisms, one thing remains certain: a great many people have come and gone through this place. Recent history has seen the arrival of great space colonies and their eventual self destruction. The theft of a Star and it's return. The arrival of the United Federation of Planets and Zon Huntreas. The rise and fall of the Gorn Republic. The disappearance and eventual rise of the Cylons. Recent times have seen the arrival of such organizations as the Protoss, the Children of the Nile, and the United Earth Directorate.

Temporally complex events have lead surprisingly to long drawn out temporal paradoxes, leading some factions to use the Route of Ages to instigate the creation of their own group, or to increase the power their group has, such as the escape of primitive Cylons through the Route of Ages giving birth to the war machine now commonly associate with the name.

History is on going. As such only time will tell what else the Route of Ages will give or take to the universe at large.


The Route of Ages is directly linked to numerous cults that have arisen on Tatooine and other planets related to the Alignment. Some claim the existence of Celestial Avatars whom have shown themselves to worshipers. One cult claims to have started it's focus after the thunderous crash, something described as a drunken blue orb, into one of the restrooms' of the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Other cults believe the Route of Ages to be a sign of end times or a doorway between themselves and long forgotten gods. One cult in particular references a black door with seven Obelisks appearing out in the desert. With no technology or force being able to scratch or examine it.

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