Rylos 3

Rylos 3 is the third planet in the engineered Rylos system. It is a planet-wide city also acting as the capital seat of the Tragolite Federation.


Rylos is a temperate planet located 3rd in succession from Rylos A. Its temperature range varies dependant on season but average temperatures are -15* to 67* throughout the year. Weather control systems do exist on Rylos, but are not normally used except in cases of severe weather. Rylos 3 is a planet-wide city, only 3% of the planet does not have urban sprawl. The 2 original oceans are covered by the city sprawl.


The Tragolite Federation seat of power is located on Rylos 3.


Gattaca is ruled by a Noble group. Representatives are chosen from the people by lottery, where they serve for 5 years before being expounged back into the general populace. The council makes suggestions to the nobles who have been parceled out land by the Tragolite Federation Empress. Any land not under noble rule falls to the Republic.

Important Notes

Tourney Fields
Grand Boulevard
Capital Palace

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