the Salvatore-class super carrier is a heavy assault carrier designed by Commander Ace Kaelton as an instrument of Dread Conglomerate military might.


Ship Class History

As Conglomerate reactors became more efficient, and the venerated Javin-class battleships were beginning to show their age, Commander Kaelton began designing a class of super carriers to better safeguard his borders. The flagship, DCC Salvatore, was launched just four short years after her keel was laid. Since then, eleven more supercarriers were built.


the Salvatore-class carriers are nearly five kilometers long, and are powered by twelve Type XXIV nuclear reactors. Held in internal bays are some 200 ArchAngel fighters, and 125 Lucifer fighter-bombers. These bays are to the aft of the ship. Fighters are launched via four magnetic launch tubes that run almost the entire length of the ship. This enables the Salvatore-class carrier to hurl their fighters an incredible distance into battle. The carrier is also defended by a series of railguns, as well as point defense quadcannon turrets.


Standard compliment is 15,000 crew, 350 pilots, 3,000 fighter maintenance personnel, and 1.500 Marines. A carrier can in a pinch be run effectively by as few as 20 people, and can be basically maneuvered by one.

Important Notes

Most of the Salvatore-class supercarriers were destroyed during the DC/CoN war and the Conglomerate Civil War. The remaining 4 supercarriers were controlled by the Outer Rim Republic. Two of those were destroyed in the Nebula. The two remaining ships are the Justice and the Nazareth.

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