Saroya is a planet on the outer rim, right beside the Hydian Way Trade Route.



Saroya's ecosystem is rather unique. The Northern most part of the planet maintains frigid cold temperatures, and the deeper southern areas are desert like, arid and hot. Most of the planet experiences seasons like on earth, but these vary depending on the hemisphere.


Due to its unique history, there are two predominant cultures on the planet, which separate the North and South significantly. “Clans” are also scattered across the planet, found mostly along the equator and the southern most parts of the Old North.

The South

Historically the South had been very male-dominated, upholding strict traditions and laws. A system of social class was observed, and never tampered with, both within its society and individual family units. Slavery was practiced and legal until recent generations, though some illegal trafficking has recently become an issue within certain southern regions. When the planet was divided into two Kingdoms, its capital was called Taiyou and has recently been re-named New Taiyou and is quickly starting to develop and catch up with the planet's new capital city Tsuki-Taiyou home to the new Royal Palace.

The North

To say that the Old North was female-dominated would be a slight misinterpretation. Gender dominance did not play as big of a part in the Kingdom of the Northern planet as it did in the Old South. However, the North believed that their sovereign would only ever be of the female persuasion. There is no evidence backing up the idea of a Northern King in history. Slavery was also practiced and legal, but it was an issue of constant debate, depending on the ruler at the time. The North did not practice such a clear-cut system of social classes as the South. During this time when the planet was divided into two kingdoms, the capital city was called Tsuki and, since the unification of the planet's cultures, has been abandoned as a primarily residential area, but the old Royal Tsuki palace is maintained by the Government, historical societies, and other volunteers, and can be visited with clearance.

Some cultural elements of the South have bled in to the everyday lives of the Northern hemisphere, mainly because of a sizable exodus of people from the South, migrating as far North as the planet's new capital. Aesthetics seen in architecture and fashions, as well as the cuisine of the South, have exploded in popularity across the planet.

Unified Saroya

Some cultural changes have occurred since the unification of the planet - primarily, the eradication of slavery. The war and feuding between the two hemispheres, while not gone completely, has lessened significantly. There has been a blending of the two main cultures as well as the clans, seen especially with in the new capital city of Tsuki-Taiyou, Saroya's most developed and progressive city, as well as the home to the new Royal Palace.

Unification occurred shortly after the liberation of the entire Saroyan race from the invasion and occupation of the Canthans. Many of the Canthan people still live on the planet today, as they no longer have a sustainable planet of their own to return to. This, of course, has caused racial friction between the two people, though this problem is not seen as much in the more developed areas of the planet such as Tsuki-Taiyou. However, fearing discrimination, many Canthans have developed their own residential areas outside of populated regions.


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Elemental Bending

The people of Saroya are not the only race in the galaxy to have the ability to bend the natural elements (water, fire, earth, and air), But they have embraced it in an important cultural way.

The origin of these abilities is up for debate. For example, there is the common belief that the original four clans of Saroya, which are said to have existed before the split in to two kingdoms, each descended from the spirit of an element - while some say these clans were the descendants of certain races of Dragons who had once ruled the planet before learning to live with the early humanoid people there.

Though not all Saroyans can agree on the mysteries of bending abilities; to be able to do so is a very highly regarded talent. Unfortunately, the ability to manipulate fire is so rare on the planet that presently there are only about a dozen known to have the ability.

On the outskirts of Tsuki-Taiyou there is the royal bending academy - a place where young people from all over the planet come to refine their talents and special skills. Most of these students do it in hopes to earn the title of Bending Master and, of course, join law enforcement or a position within the royal guard. There are many, however, who prefer to refine their abilities much like an athlete, competing in professional bending matches in the Tsuki-Taiyou pro-bending arena. While this concept of bending as a spectator sport is rather new in the development of the Saroyan culture, its popularity has quickly spread, especially amongst the younger generations.

Important Notes


It is of course important to note that one of the most common unifying elements of the planet is tea. No matter what the clan, region, city, or hemisphere, every Saroyan person is known to never go a day without a cup.


A local hero, thought fictional or a propaganda device by some. There are many publications of Slider comics, adventure games, plush toys, action figures, and trading cards to name a few of the products that can be easily found on the streets of some of Saroya's biggest cities.

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