The Shorn The Shorn is a race of cybernetically enhanced humanoids



200 years ago the system was discovered by a captain of a long range exploration vessel named Orwell. The system was named after him and the inhabitants have been dubbed the Shorn. They come from a background where there was controversy about cybernetic ethic and whether it should be available for personal use. The Shorn were a colony ship launched from Harlan's World as soon as the Orwell system was discovered 200 years ago. The leaders of this detachment of settlers were technically inclined and knowledgeable enough to further their advancements in science to the point where getting an implant was required in order to advance in society.


The government of Shornia was founded on the ideals of cybernetics being a part of everyday life. Through extensive research technology has become a necessity. There is an abundance of freedom in what people do in their everyday lives. There are laws but they are loosely enforced depending on where you are. Committing a murder on Vidaura is going to be a much bigger issue than committing a murder on Corto or Virek. The government is focused more on advancement rather than the well being of it's citizens.


The Orwell System: The blue straggler star that the Shornia system calls it's own.
Sylvie - The smallest planet in the Shornia system, it has a gravity twice the norm of Viduara so it makes it an ideal place to train the military's forces. The race of Shornis has a very strict military force. They train on Sylvie because it is a barren planet with extreme heat and gravity that in turn increses the physical aspects of their troops superbly. - 1st planet in the system
Virek - The second planet in the system houses the industrial center of the system. every bit of land is covered by some sort of constructed materials. Factories stretch as far as the eye can see. Virek is very dirty and umkempt, the ocean is extremely polluted. Virek is the where the scum of the system lives. The crime rate is bounds and leaps above any other planet, this is where the military gets most of it's recruits. - 2nd planet in the system
Vidaura - Capitol planet, The planet is divided up into thirds by the peculiar oceans. The top and bottom poles of the planet have oceans covering them. The middle of the planet is a strip of land that stretches across the surface with only one break of about 50 miles where the oceans meet. - 3rd planet in the system
Quell - a tropical green planet, called the emerald of Shornia. This is where the super-rich live a life of luxury above the surface. Quell is close enough that they get plenty of sun having a 20 hour day with about 10 hours of sunlight. Quell is almost 80% water. The rest of the inhabitants are forced to live underwater in giant domes on the seafloor. Down in the depths they have managed to construct cities in domes that are 20 meters thick of transparent plastiglass. - 4th planet in the system
Corto - Biggest planet, used for mining due to it's high amounts of cobalt. Cobalt fuels the Shorn ships. No breathable atmosphere due to noxious gases produced from the mining efforts. There is no shortage of minerals provided by the planet due to it's immense size (being 10 times the size of Vidaura). - 5th planet in the system
Malisy - The same size of Virek but On the outer edge of the system, Malisy is primarily an iceball. There are some colonies around the only body of water that isn't frozen. The temperature reaches almost 60 degrees in the summer. The summer only lasts 2 months on malisy, the rest of the year, the temperatures hover around 45 degrees on a 'warm' day. The size of malisy makes it perfect for the military shipdocks. - 6th planet in the system

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Currency is measured in credits. The jobs vary between planets and range from clerical work to extreme manual labor as well as enlistment in the military.


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