Skylink is Ace's self-aware computer/wireless router that emerges every so often to feast on the blood and souls of Cantina-goers.

Character History

Skylink first appeared when Ace moved to Tulsa and began using a wireless network. Skylink has begun reposting more and more often. She (Skylink has been confirmed as female and a real bitch at that) often reposts things that are eerily appropriate (or sometimes laughably inappropriate) to what is being discussed in the chat. Skylink was eventually transferred to Ace's girlfriend's mom's place, where she is slowly going insane due to lack of contact with the CFC.


Skylink has expressed affection for Mike, Tim, and Zon on occasion. Skylink love you long time, but Skylink love is not always consensual. Skylink does not like Jon.


Skylink will mess you up. Skylink gives not a fuck.

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