Space Station Prime

Space Station Prime is the central port for vessels over 500 meters in length wishing to make harbor at New Egypt, which it orbits. It is also a research facility, a private lease space, and a home base for the Royal Domestic Patrol.

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The space station has historically been used primarily for military or research, but since Queen Arsinoe's expansion of the Children of the Nile private sector the vast majority of its space has been leased out to private citizens for various enterprises running the gamut from frozen baked goods to international legal counsel. The military and government scientific agencies still maintain a presence, but it has greatly been reduced.

From Space Station Prime entertainment, educational, and news programs are transmitted to special receivers all over the galaxy.


The station was first built as a collaborative effort between the Gorn, Sluagh, and Dread Conglomerate and named "Space Station Rak". It was during this part in its history that it began sending transmission, though in these days it was pure subspace.

After the Children's conquest of the planet a massive refit of the station went underway and the Children renamed the station Space Station Prime. During King Ptolemy's reign it was primarily military, but Queen Arsinoe's rule has seen the current expansion into the private sector.

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