The Supergate (referred to by Jaffa as the "Chappa'ko") is a massive Stargate developed by Erebus Kiyoshi, spanning 1609.344 meters across. All known Supergates have been used for the specific purpose of establishing permanent footholds in distant locations in the universe, permitting the rapid passage of vessels across intergalactic and galatic distances. This however is where the similarity ends, With the supergate somehow operating on it's own network that does not interfere with near by planetary stargates.



Supergates are comprised of numerous individual segments (ships), which are interlinked by a powerful energy field. The blocks are constructed individually, with each being small enough to fit through a normal Stargate.

The Kukai vessel Macross Quarter observed firsthand the formation of the first Supergate inside the Tatoo system, At the moon of Guermessa around the world of Tatooine. A forcefield created by an unknown source on the moon expanded over a matter of days to envelop the entire moon and constrict it into a singularity. (The field was designed to absorb the energy produced by convientional weaponry; It is believed this was because there was no way to transfer enough energy through the Stargate to fuel its expansion.) As the moon was contracting, the Supergate's component blocks were sent through the Stargate, forming a ring above the shrinking moon.

It is unclear whether the second Supergate was constructed in the same way. Since it was already complete by the time it was discovered, either some unknown force must have supplied the energy necessary to fuel the forcefield or the Ori found some alternative means to do so. This second Supergate also lay dormant for at least several hours after its completion before it's first synchronization with the other know Supergate; this could be due to some necessary part of the assembly process, or simply because the creaters of these gates were in no great rush.


Both Supergates in the Milky Way and (whatever galaxy starwars is in) have been powered by black holes, which as speculated was the only means by which they could be maintained indefinitely. Nonetheless, they do not seem to keep the gate active any longer than is necessary to send their ships through, leaving them inactive most of the time just like a regular Stargate. Indeed, except for their size and the fact that they can apparently only be dialled using Erebus's Legacy, the Supergates apparently function just like their smaller counterparts. It is even possible — though difficult — to connect a wormhole from a standard Stargate to a Supergate. Thanks to the information (not yet)provided by Kryek from his time researching the Tatooine Supergate, Kryek(not yet) has developed a way to dial a Supergate using Earth's technology(I'm hoping?).

Use History

So far the supergates developed only seem to have eaten moons to produce the singularity necessary for their power source. Their only recorded dialed usage is by the Erebus Kiyoshi's Starship Legacy to leave the Tatoo solar system for parts unknown.(Somewhere in the milkyway in the delta quadrant). A third gate is in development that is predicted to consume the Courscant moon Centrax-3 I don't need no stinking canon

Important Notes

This information is not specific towards the full nature of the gates. Considering their complete and total lack of usage and history in the chatroom the only information viable really comes from a canon source with bits and peices of information changed not to protect those involved but to better equate them to the history as laid out in the chatroom.

A similar construct was used by The Tragolite Federation was recorded using a self-contained and generated wormhole when they brought the segments of Obanna station into system before constructing the system in orbit around Ohann. This system was constructed over the process of several days in a large ring. Upon completion, the wormhole opened.

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