Talon Empire

The Talon Empire is a small grouping of planets in the northeastern quadrant of the Galaxy.



The Talon Empire was founded shortly after the death of Emperor Palpatine, when a former Imperial Admiral, whose name has never been disclosed, used his fleet of Star Destroyers to conquer a planet in what is now the Talon region of space. Using the resources of that planet, this Admiral turned warlord set about bring other, nearby planets under his reign, naming himself Lord Talon.

Several years later, the Lord Talon disappeared suddenly, sending the Empire into disarray as several of his military leaders contended with each other for dominance, effectively dissolving the power base of the Empire and allowing the oppressed people of some of the planets the opportunity to revolt.

In less than a year, with the Empire all but shattered, the Lord Talon returned as suddenly as he had left and, to this day, has been attempting to rebuild his legacy to its former glory. In the years since, the Lord Talon has reunited the remaining shards of his Empire by conquering what warlords he could not bring back under his control. Only recently has the Empire been considered stable enough to resume expansion.


The Talon Empire is a military dictatorship.

The office of Lord Talon holds absolute command over military and legal matters.

The Lord Talon is aided by a counsel of experts in various military and political matters.

Each planet within the Talon Empire is ruled by a Lord Regent who governs as he sees fit, subject to approval by the Lord Talon, although most have adopted his governmental structure.


Talon Imperial space comprises a selection of space in the Outer Rim between the Hydian Way and the Perlemian Trade Route, including Korriban (contested), Ziost, and Elom.

The capital of the Talon Empire is located on a planet known as Talon Prime.

Armed Force

Talon Imperial Armed Forces are similar to those held by the Galactic Empire near the end of the Galactic Civil War, with some upgrades.

Ground Command

The Talon Empire maintains a sizable ground force, including infantry units as well as heavier artillery and vehicles. The technology at their disposal for these forces is almost identical to those used by the Galactic Empire.

Air Command

The Talon Empire maintains only minor air forces for local matter, preferring atmosphere-capable starfighters for external use.

Maritime Command

The Talon Empire maintains only minor maritime forces for local matters.

Interplanetary Command

The Talon Empire focuses its military budget primarily into its interplanetary naval forces, constructing and maintaining a large number of Imperial-class Star Destroyers, Interdictor-class Cruisers, and many lesser class of frigates and corvettes, as well as a large contingent of starfighter squadrons, including all models of TIE that the Empire had kept in mass production as well as TIE Defenders.


The economy of the Talon Empire is largely internal. Between the resources available on Talon-controlled planets, and a strict recycling policy, the Empire has had little need to import materials or products up to this point.


The people of the Talon Empire are basically the people who were residing on any given planet when it was conquered. Unlike Palpatine, the Lord Talon has made no policies or statements inciting or endorsing prejudices based on species or sex. However, he has also made no policies or statements condemning such prejudices.

Important Notes

The Lord Talon personally commanded a fleet in the final battle against Edge Koenig.

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