Tamashi's Noodle House

TAMASHI'S NOODLE HOUSE is a popular restaurant specializing in noodle dishes from Naboo.



Tamashi's Noodle House offers noodle delights from the owners' home planet of Naboo, though they can prepare other cultural dishes upon request in order to serve a wider clientele. The small, elongated restaurant can hold up to a party of thirty guests inside, and boasts an outdoor fenced in seating area in the back decorated to reflect a traditional northern Naboosian feel with a red and gold awning to protect customers from the Tatooine twin suns. The design hosts a similar likeness to Japanese decor from Earth. They have a small staff of 2 cooks and three waiters(waitresses) not including Mr. and Mrs. Tamashi, who also cook and help out. They buy a majority of their supplies from the S-mart, an are on good terms with the manager, Mr. Kavryn Ryder.

They can deliver anywhere in the Mos Eisley and local surrounding areas no matter where you are. Just leave the bowls when you're done.


"Tamashi's" was founded in Mos Eisley on Tatooine by a couple from the northern area of Naboo five years ago. Mr. Nomo Tamashi and his wife, Ebi Tamashi moved there to get away from the issues of their world and bring an affordable taste of home cooked food to the people of Mos Eisley. News of that planet's struggle reminded them of their hardships, so they felt they could bring a little comfort of home to the citizens. They started up their small business on Frost Street (named by a politician with a sense of humor, no doubt) near the east side of town as a simple noodle stand that quickly gained in popularity by the locals. After two years, they expanded into a hole-in-the-wall style restaurant with outdoor seating. The Tamashis' expanded and opened a small stand on the Olympus station, which thrived from the locals living and working there.

Mr. Nomo Tamashi and Ebi sadly lost both of their establishments: the restaurant was lost in the Invid attack, and the stand went up in flames when Olympus station was destroyed by Kaeltonship later than month. The Mos Eisley locals, and some from surrounding cities, couldn't stand to let their favorite noodle house slip to the dregs of the defeated, so helped to rebuild Tamashi's Noodle House, even as the couple served up their dishes from a make-shift cart in full refusal to let the attack grind them down. In less than two months, Tamashi's Noodle House reopened for business and continues to serve a variety of noodle delights to hungry patrons to this day.

Important Notes


Noodles — A soup in your choice of meat or vegetable broth.

Ramen — A soup introduced by the Federation. Noodles in your choice of broth with two kinds of meat, Naboo bamboo shoots, and vegetables.

Veggie bowl — For the vegan patron. Noodles made from imported Corellian wheat, topped with a variety of steamed vegetables in your choice of sauce.

Neekudahn — A traditional Corellian noodle dish with red fish in a garlic-based sauce and steamed vegetables.

Naboo Bamboo — A dish with thick noodles and bamboo shoots in broth.

Meat-Straveganza —A large bowl of noodles topped with four kinds of meat, seasoned with sauce, onions, and some herbs from Corellia and Coruscant. The meal is free if you can finish the bowl.

Tea —a variety of black, white, green, and herbal teas acquired from a local tea shop.

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