Tatoo System

The Tatoo System is a binary star system located just off of the Corellian Run in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy.Tatooine.png


The Tatoo system, also known as the Tatooine system, contains the planet Tatooine, which orbits twin suns, Tatoo I and Tatoo II. It is located in Arkanis Sector.

The twin suns of the Tatoo system could sometime cause premature aging in Humans on Tatooine.


While Tatooine was it's most well known planet, the system actually contained two other gas giants, Ohann and Adriana. Just past it's planetary orbit was the Dragon's Spire Asteroid Belt, the largest asteroid in the area being known as the Iron Planet.

It was also home to the Ghost Tide Nebula, which was known to hide scoundrels and pirates alike. After the colonization rush in ABY 19, the system became home to a force of the Tragolite Federation. They built Obanna Station in orbit over Ohann. The Dark History Refugees also chose Tatoo as their home until they were wiped out, as well as Dread Conglomerate(later, Outer Rim Republic) colonies Larkin and Neumann. The Harkonnen's based their mining operations out of Tatooine and as such, professed for a while to have a legitimate claim to the solar system.

At the edge of the system was the massive spacial phenomenon known as the Route of Ages, which serves as a galactic and interdimensional superhighway that connects the Galaxy to others across space and time.

Important Notes

It's second star, Tatoo II, was once stolen by a race of incredibly advanced aliens, which took it through the Route to help reignite their own dying system. With the help of Captain Zon Huntreas, the star was returned to it's proper place.

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