The Bestine Transition

This is a background paper that was written and given to Ambassador Kelthros of the Tragolite Federation by the Bestine Diplomatic corps.

The Bestine Transition of power. was a vote taken by the leading council of the city, declaring itself free of any other city or alliance on the surface of Tatooine.


Bestine was the location of the Imperial Capital during the Galactic civil war and have still to this day, seen itself seperate from the other cities and people of Tatooine. Bestine has broken away from planetary events at least 3 times since the great restart. 2 of these times they were working hand in hand with the Tragolite Federation and it remains to be seen if the Transition of power was instigated by Tragolite agents.

Main Players

Senate speaker Kils Bethromo
General Corizon Mezidon
Major Pete Phlanks
Father Medro


at 6:35 in the morning local Bestine time, the city council held a vote to deal with grumblings from prominate citizens and community leaders on a seperation advisement board. The people of Bestine felt they were finding less and less in common with the other settlements on the planet and would like to start a new city of industry and productivity like that had been seen during Tragolite reign. After days of closed-door deliberation and hearing proposals, the vote was taken to break away from any semblence of an allied Tatooine. The vote passed 37 to 1.

Once the announcement was made, reactions in the city were decidedly split, the Council and police leaders had already planned for this, and a Division of Tragolite troops had been negotiated to bolster the Bestine Police. Within hours, both the Imperial Royals and the City of Warfar had sent additional forces to assist the Bestine police. Rioting broke out in the streets and was described by bystanders and reporters as " an unplanned and unorganized release of emotional frustration". Very few reports of injuries were reported among the detained and bystander civilians. 26 Police and assisting units were seriously injured in thier duties.

Not long after it started, the civil unreast came to an end and people returned to thier lives, which were still "Normal". The Government promised no rash change in policy or law. Most of the deatined were put to work cleaning the mess made by the rioters and then released to thier homes, those deemed dangerous by Bestine judicial officials were held for setencing.


A vote of Senators and city officials was promised 2 weeks after the date of Transition. Tragolite troops have been stationed in Bestine to ward off attacks by enterprising factions.

Important Notes

This was the 3rd declaration of Sovereignty by the people of Bestine.

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