Tonberry Character

Tonberry is a member of the Tonberry Species.


Character History

This particular member of the Tonberry species is approximately 42 million years old, and had spent the last 20 million years stranded from it's brethren. This has resulted in this creature having much more of a personality than most members of it's species. The Tonberry is now forbidden by the Tonberry King from directly interfering with the timeline of the Cantina Universe, a rule which it has bent a couple of times, but not yet overtly broken.


The Tonberry has formed several friendships, including Telena Daiko and the Doctor. These friendships are the most likely to be the cause of future interference in the timeline on the Tonberry's part.


The Tonberry is nearly omnipotent, and as such is unrivaled in combat. It is highly ill-advised to attack the Tonberry. Abilities witnessed include the ability to project spheres of unknown energy, as well as fire-type attacks. The knife carried by the Tonberry is able to cut through any as-yet discovered material; when said knife is displayed, the wise will retreat. Psychic attacks have not been used, but with the Tonberry's immense mental abilities, this could well be among it's armaments.

Important Notes

-The Tonberry is neither male nor female, and the proper term is "it". The Tonberry does not refer to itself in the first person, generally using the phrase "this creature". The exact reasons for this are unknown, but probably has to do with the semi hivemind of the Tonberry (species)
-As a result of a temporal misadventure in another universe, the Tonberry seems to have some kind of acrimonious relationship with the Fourth Wall Gnomes

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