Torpedo boat

A torpedo boat is a small stealth attack craft developed by the Dread Conglomerate as a means of delivering anti-ship and anti-planet thermonuclear weapons.


Ship Class History

As Conglomerate nuclear weapon use became more and more widespread, a line of increasingly powerful anti-planet weapons were developed. Unfortunately, after a certain point, it became impossible to use these weapons from orbit, as the effects would imperil the ship employing them. Also a factor was possible political fallout (no pun intended) from the use of these weapons. To this end, Commander Ace Kaelton entrusted a group of scientists and military engineers with the secret task of designing a stealth craft capable of deploying nuclear weapons and returning to base without making their presence known. The new craft, known as "torpedo boats", did remarkably well in tests, and the first six vessels were put into service shortly afterward.

The existence of torpedo boats was kept a closely guarded secret for several years, until overt action forced them into the public eye.


A torpedo boat is approximately 6 meters long, and roughly elliptical in shape. The hulls are painted a non-reflective black, to help camouflage. The torpedo boat employs a scattering device, which deflects incoming sensor beams with a fair degree of success. The interior of the torpedo boat is cramped, and largely dominated by the feed systems for the two torpedo tubes, and the torpedoes themselves, which are kept in the crew compartment. Torpedoes are manually moved into these feed systems. A standard load is 12 shipkiller nuclear torpedoes, or 8 planetkiller nuclear torpedoes. New models of torpedo boat replaced the scattering device with a full cloaking device, loosely copied from old Sluagh technology.


Standard crew is five people; two torpedo handlers, a helmsman, a navigator/ops controller, and a mission commander. The boat can be run and used in combat by two people. One person by himself could fly the ship, but would not have the strength required to manipulate the big torpedoes.

Important Notes

More crew deaths have been reported from exhaustion and heatstroke than from combat losses.

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