Tragolite Physiology

The Tragolite is a Humanoid Saurian creature. Originally a Human Species, they evolved into a Reptillian/Mammal mix, this occurred due to radiation exposure and direct manipulation by a powerful outside force(Tragolite Doctrine maintains a direct manipulation by God). While maintaining Near-Human looks, the Tragolite interior has many differences.
Nervous System-
The Tragolite Brain has an aptitude for Psionic capabilities and Magical prowess. While similar to a Human, it is much tougher, having higher defense against concussion and trauma. Their nerves can shut down in the event of exterior trauma or elements, allowing the Tragolite increased Stamina in the event of injury or exposure. Many Tragolites possess strong pheromones that make them superior Emissaries.
Skeletal Structure –
The Tragolite bone structure is similar in structure to Humans. However, Their bone composition is much stronger and dense. 4 Flexible bone plates surround the Tragolites main organs, providing tough natural armor.
Circulatory System-
Blood flow is produced by 2 hearts, a Primary heart operates constantly, while a smaller heart produces extra flow during increased consumption of oxygen, it can also act as the primary in the event of primary failure. An organ called the Blood sac holds a surplus of 1 liter of blood. Tragolite arteries, vessels, and capillaries are very tough and with the help of blue blood cells, can quickly seal any wound incurred, preventing blood loss.
Internal organs-
Most Human organs remain, although several had changed during the Tragolite changing.

Sexual Organs –

Tragolite DNA replicates an exact copy of itself every 6 years, preserving itself. 4 extra pairs of chromosomes exists with the purpose of preserving the DNA cohesion, allowing DNA copies to stay fresh and exactly the same to infinity. Tragolite Organs also continuously rebuild themselves, taking information from the extra chromosomes, this cellular reconstruction allows Tragolites to live to extremely old ages. Tragolites do age externally, however there seems to be no pattern in hair color loss, or the wrinkling of skin, this seem to be tied to a Tragolites Self-being, their self-image, and their own will. It is not uncommon to see a Tragolite of over 1500 years that resembles a Human 30year old.

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