Tragolite Federation

There is One God and he reigns supreme, he created the Planets, the Suns, all of the heavens before us. He guides us on our paths, nudging us to important victories,discoveries,and events. The Tragolites are Gods chosen, he has brough them up from the primodial ooze to the interdiminsional Empire they have become. Here is the story of the Tragolite.



On the Planet Earth in the Sol System of the Milky way galaxy(Tragolite Designation Diminsion 1A.), There was a Civilization that outgrew all its competition and established Civilizations like had never been seen before.They soon became an interstellar race, capable of traveling to the planets within thier Solar System, and as they did, they begin to change physically, becoming what began to be termed as Homo Superior. Two Brothers were born to parents residing in the orbital shipyards above Mars. These two brothers were different than anything that had been seen before. Thier inherit Psionic abilities gave them an edge over thier peers in almost all tasks. Thier names were Romulus and Remus. At the age of 18 thetwo brothers joined the System Defense League, a military body controlled by the Earth Unitied Empires(Similar to theEarth United Nations or the United Federation of Planets). The two brothers progressed through Officer school with an uncanny speed, surpassing every test they were subjected to and every exam they were given. The time came for Humanity to expand beyond the cradle of the Sol system and an expedition was put together to travel to Alpha Centuari(Which will be further referred to as Omega). Romulus and Remus were Given the honor of Commanding the Sister ships of the Expedition, The Cruiser SDL Enterprise and The Colony ship SDL Columbus. After 8 long years of construction, the Float was launched and using the new Fusion drives arrived in the Omega system in 1 year. During the journey, the Two brothers and thier 1 Million peers aboard the two ships were granted a great gift by God they were changed for the purpose of defeating the horros that laid before them. Omega became a thriving colony, doubling in size every year, wonderous scientific advanced were made, reducing the travel time between systems. 10 years after the establishment of the Omega Colony, strange signals were intercepted by the SDL, within months Humanity had made first contact with an extraterrestrial entitiy, the Yalamari. There was no peace between the two great civilizations, for the Yalamari had been watching Television signals from Earth for centuries and had come to the conclusion the Humans were a race geared toward nothing but war and self-extermination. The Yalamari had come to help them in that goal. The Sol system fell in under three years, Billions of lives were snuffed out by the invading aliens and in thier coup de grace, they destroyed The Planet Earth. Communications between The sol system and the Omega system were cut when the first attacks had happened, in fear the Yalamari would discover the Colony. The Omega colony expanded, gearing toward war with the Yalamari enemy. Romulus was elected Supreme King and Remus was commissioned as Supreme Commander of Military forces. After a century of production and battle planning, a force of over 13,000 warships were dispatched to Wolf 359 to destroy the Yalamari Enemy. The results were devestating. The Warfleet destroyed the Yalamari Civilization, making slaves out of the Survivors and sealing thier fate. The Humans had changed by now, Changed by god, They were not longer mammal, but Reptilian creatures with the ability to pass on thier memories to thier offspring. Over the next few million years, The Tragolite have conqured 3 Diminsions and have presence in over 12.


The Tragolite Federation's government is a Senate led by a transcend with limited powers. In each dimension, this system is repeated. When a system gives oath of fealty to the Tragolite Federation, they are granted a seat on the Galactic Senate and thier system is granted rights and ownership from the Galactic holdings. This system is repeated on a Dimensional scale, though Transcends deal with most of the admin tasks and organization. When moving to the interdimensional scale, the system expands to include transcended mortals at the top: organizing laws, military and civil tasks, and religion, keeping all dimensions in line with Home dimension creed.


The Tragolite Federation utterly controls 3 Dimensions and has presence in 12 total. This presence ranges from full scale war to scouting expeditions.

More specifically, in the Star Wars Galaxy, the TF holds the Rishi dwarf galaxy, most of former DC loyalist space, and the Rylos Nebulea.

Interplanetary Command

High General Ace Kezie commands all Tragolite Military forces in the Star Wars Galaxy. He reports only to the Transcendant Director of Military Affairs.


The Tragolite Federation economy is a free market system, with heavy tariffs on non Tragolite sanctioned businesses. It is not uncommon for some regulation on galactic markets, though this is left up to the ruling Senate.


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