Treaty of Naboo

The Treaty of Naboo was a historic treaty sealing the friendship of the United Federation of Planets and the New Republic. It was the first treaty that the New Republic signed with any of the Extra-Galactic factions. It was also the first time the Senate and the New Republic government realized and accepted that these factions were going to stay and were almost guaranteed to become involved in localized affairs. It also kicked off an increased interest in Extra-Galactic technologies


In early 19 ABY, Captain Zon Huntreas, and the U.S.S. Explorer, discovered the Route of Ages and found themselves sent halfway across the universe. Quickly making contact with a number of local governments, the most advantagous of which turned out to be the New Republic. The Republic and the Federation put an official treaty on the fast track.

Articles of the Treaty

Section One

Vessels of either Government must respond to a distress call of the Other government's vessels, unless the vessel's current mission is time sensitive, and any other response vessel can respond without loss of life on the vessel in distress.

Section Two

The United Federation of Planets will have a territory of thirty habitable systems within the galaxy. as an added gift the New Republic has also given first rights to the Federation for any planets discovered just East of the Corellian run, ending again just east of an imaginary line drawn from Mimban to the edge of the Galaxy. First Rights state that any systems within this region discovered by The New Republic (Or any other faction that may honor this treaty) Will be offered to the United Federation of planets, should this offer be refused then the System may be opted by the Republic (or other faction that found and honored this treaty) or passed on.

Section Three

All Shipyards and repair yards of both Governments will be made accessible to the other government for Repairs and maintenance to their vessels. Should these vessels require costly or lengthy stays then the government may be compensated for the depletion of their resources and loss of abilities.

Section Four

Extensive promotion of trade will be established, and both Parties agree to honor the others Contraband/Illegal Good ban to ensure that unwanted items do not end up in either parties space. Items of certain technologies may also be withheld by either party if the other deems it a hazard or feels the introduction of this technology to the other may somehow disrupt or harm the other.


As a result of this treaty, Federation space has expanded into the Federation Protectorate, and trade between the Federation and the Republic has grown more and more steady. It is also living proof to show that, despite the threats that the Route offers, friends and allies can still be made from extragalactic contact.

Important Notes

Currently the Treaty of Naboo is still the only Treaty the New Republic has made with any of the Extra-Galactic factions. The Federation has made one other, a now defect agreement with the Dread Conglomerate.

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