U S S Olympus

USS Olympus is a Miranda-class starship, commissioned as the fifth of the refit-class. Her commanding officer is Captain James Bradford.


Ship History

The Olympus was originally planned to be one of the last of the original Miranda-class destroyers, but construction was halted when Starfleet decided that the number of starships already in services was sufficient. When the Miranda refit was approved for construction, San Francisco Fleet Yard decided to bring the Olympus keel and frame out of storage and complete construction.

Captain James Bradford was appointed as commanding officer, it was his second command. USS Olympus was commissioned in 2271, NCC-1835, and launched with the shake down mission of heading to the Klingon border.

En route to this assignment, the Olympus became the first Starfleet vessel to encounter the entity known as Q. The ship was unable to report the event, because after one of his signature diatribes, Q declared that Bradford and his crew "needed a vacation", and promptly flung their vessel across the universe, killing twenty-three crew members in the process.

USS Olympus spent seven years separated from Starfleet, during which time Q sent them to some 24 undiscovered galaxies. Many of these were already inhabited, and in fact Bradford was present for no less than 38 First Contacts, many of which went badly. During this time, 103 crew members lost their lives.

The discovery of an entrance to the Route of Ages occurred quite by fortuitous accident, as the Olympus fled a spacegoing creature with a mass roughly equal to the planet Mars. The Olympus emerged from the Route in the Cantina Universe, where contact was made with the Federation fleet.

USS Olympus returned to Earth briefly, where a formal report of events was made by Captain Bradford. The stir caused by the missing ship's arrival was fierce. At one point in time, certain Admirals in the ranks attempted to press charges of negligence against Bradford, bringing him to court-martial for the loss of nearly half his crew. Charges were dismissed as no evidence of negligence or incompetence was found. Bradford, as the presiding Admiral said, had "been dealt a bad hand, one of the worst possible scenarios imaginable to a ship captain, and yet carried through with perseverance and courage in the finest Starfleet tradition."

The Olympus was returned to the Cantina universe and assigned to the 1st Intergalactic Fleet, known colloquially as the Falcon Fleet. The ship entered drydock where she was given a refit, her systems upgraded to match the current technological standards, as well as additional crew members to replace those lost during the separation from the fleet.

Olympus served with distinction at the Battle of Kaelton's Revenge, accounting for several enemy destroyers and missile frigates. The Olympus was also responsible for the rescue of Admiral Judi Dench Peggy Cartwright, after she was forced to abandon her flagship. The Olympus continues to serve to this day.


Captain James Bradford - CO
Commander Lark K. Riley - XO
Lt. Commander Alistair Schoeber - Chief Tactical Officer
Dr. Ezio Sarpizzia - Chief Medical Officer

Full Crew Complement: 286

Important Notes

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