The United Federation of Systems is an alternate universe version of the United Federation of Planets. In their history, Humans and Vulcans have banded together on a quest for galactic domination through the heavy use of genetic engineering and biogenic weapons.


Earth history is roughly the same up until the Industrial Revolution, which progressed much faster and further than in contemporary history. The First World War (referred to as The Great War in UFS textbooks) lasted seven years, and ended in a German victory. Within three years, the British Empire had been completely destroyed, and the English Isles largely wiped clean. The Second World War is known as the Eugenics Wars, started in 1964 as German and French forces sought to purge the "undesirable" races. This war did not end until 1976, saw widespread use of chemical and biological warfare, and by its end the only remaining governments in place were that of Germany, France, Russia and PanAsia (a conglomeration of Japan and China that occurred in 1943). These governments elected to merge into what was known as United Earth.

First Contact with the Vulcan Empire was made in 2003. The initial meeting was a hostile one, with the Vulcan ship attacking the launch site of the first warp-ship. Incredibly, UE soldiers stormed the ship in person, and killed the entire crew while capturing the vessel intact. After the incident, the Vulcan Emperor decided the newly discovered race might be worth negotiation with. Within two decades, the species had become close allies. In 2031 the United Federation of Systems was formed.

Biogenic weapons had been in use by humans since the closing days of the Great War. With the addition of Vulcan technology these weapons were modified and improved upon, with agents being tailor-made to suit the needs for each species. The UFS sought to subjugate alien species for their own uses, creating slave populations that would produce food, build ships and equipment, and a variety of other uses. Those who resisted or were deemed a threat were exterminated. The Andorian, Gorn, Ferengi and Tholian species were wiped out to the last being in the early decades of the Federation. The Klingon Empire proved difficult, with their strong immune systems and redundant organs making it difficult to design an effective weapon. Nevertheless, Federation technology proved superior, and the Klingons were reduced to a scattering of pirate clans, scattered throughout the Alpha Quadrant and spending nearly as much time killing each other as the Federation. The only holdout was the Romulan Empire, which closed their borders and went into complete isolation. The fact that the Federation did not pursue them is one of much debate as to its reasoning. The Cardassians were the next species to fall, following their own genocide of the Bajorans, whom were a valuable Subject Race to the Federation.

The wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant was discovered near the Ferenginar system shortly after the Cardassian massacre. Exploration into the Gamma Quadrant was cut short by an attack from the Dominion, previously unknown to the Federation. The Dominion War lasted for more than 12 years, and casualties stand in the hundreds of billions.

Eventually the Dominion proved to be too much for the Federation to take. The discovery of the Route of Ages has allowed a mass evacuation of the Federation's government, surviving military, and a portion of the civilian population. It is hoped that the Federation will be able to return and retake their lost territory.


Although titled as a Federation, this government is much closer to an Empire. Each Member System (of which there are only two) has 10 representatives in the Governmental Council, which overseen by the President (currently Hideki Sulu). The President has veto power over every decision. The military arm is called the High Command, and consists of 12 Fleet Admirals, whom also report to President Sulu.


The UFS has established a space station and shipyard in the Tatoo system. Colonization efforts are in full swing to the galactic south-west, and so far three planets have been colonized, the capitol of which is New Deuschtland.

Armed Force

The Military is the central heart of the UFS. Service is mandatory for all citizens for at least 4 years.

Ground Command

Ground actions are fought by Marines. These supersoldiers are trained from shortly after birth in the ways of killing, and are equipped with the best of weapons and technology. Marines typically go into battle armored by the Spartan Combat Armor System. Phaser carbines/rifles, photon grenades and micro-torpedo launchers are among their arsenal


Starfleet is a largely military arm. Their shields and weapons are much more advanced than those of Contemporary Starfleet, though their sensors and engines are not as efficient. One interesting weakness is their Structural Integrity Fields, which are laughable compared the the UFP, and limit their ships to Warp 7 for the most part.

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