Systems Alliance: Tatooine

Systems Alliance ; Born January 1st 25ABY on the Planet of Tatooine. Established and recognized As a Unified controlling body of the Tatoo Solar system.



Lengthy history


Chief of State: Elected by the Parliamentary Body (Currently Omega Kiyoshi)

Parliamentary Body: Elected by their Cities, two from each city, to provide for fair and equal body.

The USAT has invited all of the factions spread across Tatooine to Join in this alliance and be represented in the galactic community as a whole.


The Tatoo Solar system with the exception of colonizational grounds held by the Outer Rim Republic, United Federation of Planets, Tragolite Federation, Bestine, and The neutral Grounds Held by the Olympus 4 Alliance Council.

Armed Force

Tatooine Defense Network

Ground Command

Infantry, Knightmare Frame, GM, V-Gundam Series.

Air Command

Veritech Series: VF-25( S, G, F.), VF-171 (EX, EX Plus), Variety of Aircraft from across Shade Fighter Squadrons across the planet and different space fairing factions.

Interplanetary Command

The Excalibur class; Homestead and Exalibur(Name Sake) (With More planned)

Two MC-90's; The Spirit of Tatooine, and (I can't remember the second name)

Macross Class Battle Carrier; Battle Valiant (More Planned)

Macross Quarter Class; Ion Storm, Macross Quarter(Name Sake) (More planned)


Mining; The excavation, processing (including degaussing), of major elements into usable materials for both the planet and trade relationships.
UMN; Byproduct of Kukai Foundation research: Allows FTL Hyperspace Travel without need of hyperspace engine at Column jump points.
Supergate; Byproduct of Kukai Foundation research: Provides Stargate Travel for larger ships currently only between Coruscant, (and the Federation planet). Possibly Dac and other planets in future negotiations.
Webway; Serenity Industries product allowing for Non space ship travel between countless planets of the Galaxy for only five credits.
Hover Train network; Planned Planetary train system moving from the Capital city of Homestead to all Cities of Tatooine for swift shipment of goods.
Iso Net Communications; Product of Serenity Industries producing high grade cheat Holographic communications between multiple planets without the fuss of the holonet (the other internet meat)
Orbital Elevator; Proposed Future Development combined with Orbital Ring grade something to expand on Tatooine's ability to thrive as a space fairing civilization.
Improved Hyperdrive; Advanced Research into Hyperspace travel to negate the negatives of regular hyperspace travel. Attempts to get around Mass Gravity Shadows, greater range in shorter periods of time, and improved short range travel for greater colonization potential.
Observatory; Byproduct of Kukai Foundation; Originally meant as a temporal Observatory to study the Route of ages with the best sensors available the observatory has expanded into a college of learning for numerous programs that have the potential to expand the future of the System's alliance for the better. Training of Tatooine Defense Network individuals. And over all research.


Tatooine is home to numerous types of species and people. Most native species have adapted either really well or exceptionally poorly to harsh desert climate. As population increases the need for more inhabitable ground increases. Spurring and driving technological achievement's to support the many cultures. Ranging from Hives of Villainy and scum to individuals looking to get away from the big city worlds to those who are looking to build a better future.

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