The Vajra is a mysterious extraterrestral life-form that attacked Coruscant and the Kukai Foundation in August of +4 .Its units are able to disrupt the guidance systems of the New U.N. Spacy's unmanned Ghost fighters and missiles, but most of their capabilities, objectives, and levels of intelligence were otherwise unknown. Vajra units come in small and large forms.

There is a small yellow Vajra unit type and a large red one with yellow spiral markings. Both are fast and have offensive weapons. The large red unit carries a cannon capable of destroying an entire space warship with a single salvo. The small Vajra also has a similar weapon on its front, but its destructive capability is unknown.


Recently a new generation of Vajra have appeared, revered to as Deva.


Living units of Vajra and Deva have never been captured so examination data only comes from flight experience and the guts and remains from the battle field. Even after the first known Vajra species encountered was drawn back through the Route of Ages to their home dimension research is on going.

  • The red large Vajra unit is a biological weapon with an exoskeleton that employs energy-conversion armor similar to that of the Valkyries. It can travel by space fold by itself, and can internally reproduce missiles and other items on demand. It barely has any brain matter, and what little it has is not necessary for its operations.
  • The yellow small unit consist of roughly the same biological make up. Only smaller. And no usage of it's large beam weapon has been witnessed.
  • During rescue operations along the edge of the Tatoo System Foundation units encountered a carrier unit. The carrier travels by space fold and is armed with a cannon that activates after the ship's bow splits in half.

Absolutely no public information exists on the biological nature of the Deva beyond their striking similarity to the Vajra at large.

The Vajra, and theoretically the Deva, operate as a collective hive mind. This feat of communication is made possible by the symbiotic relationship the these species contain within their intestines. This bacterium is laced with a substance referred to in the Foundation archive as fold quartz. Through this the Vajra, and likely the Deva, sustain a level of super consciousness. A galactic body made of tiny bits constantly in communication with each other. As such the Vajra are constantly evolving and the information about the damage that one unit receives is instantly shared and stored by the whole race, then used as feedback during the creation of new Vajra units. This makes the use of the same type of attack on them useless over time. The Vajra have no known vocal communication abilities beyond one occasion of a random song, "AimoAimo."


Because of the nature of the Vajra and likely the Deva existence they have a hard time understanding other races. Such as humans who do not understand something new at first but have no problem in labeling that new species with their own feelings the Vajra have been seen as a brutally hostile race who attack and absolutely hate humans…. While this may be true for the Deva, this is not entirely accurate for the Vajra. Further research would seem to indicate that the Vajra are simply responding and following either the Super dimension signature of the Macross units or the Empathic resonance of individuals aboard the Kukai Foundation.

The Vajra, who do not use words to communicate, could not understand how others could communicate and thus took their own disliking to them in attempting to potentially try and rescue those who could communicate as they do.

Ultimately it was usage of this kind of empathetic relations that enabled the leadership of the Kukai Foundation to find peace between them and the Vajra, and to guide them home.

  • The Deva are new. It is feared they were born in this dimension as a more hostile form of the Vajra with only the purpose of breeding and conquring. Further information is pending.

Species History

The Vajra were first encountered on Coruscant. Where do the brave efforts of a Foundation pilot it was put down before it count reek havok upon the populous there. Through unknown means it was feared that that Vajra in particular was drawn from the subconscious nightmares of the pilot of the Valkyrie there responding to a emergency of a different nature.

Following this the Vajra were next encountered in an all out attack on the Kukai Foundation as part of a diversion to a cosmic event on the surface of Tatooine. This event would later provide the formation of the Diamond Sea.

Following this engagement with the Vajra became regular as they appeared to be scouting the space of the Tatoo System. The next major event came during a live rescue mission hosted by the Macross Quarter at the edge of the solar system. In an attempt to rescue a ship begin drawn into an unknown type of FTL Anomaly Vajra units appeared along with a new type of unit, a Carrier. While this encounter was wrapped up hastily they failed to rescue the ship in question from it's unusual kidnapping yet managed to put down the Vajra threat.

  • This particular mission would carry over into a particularly questionable mission that lead to the strange appearance of a dead world, a massive and unidentified creature just outside of the solar system, and variations of Vajra that appeared to be some kind of ghost unit capable of vast and unspeakable levels of damage and hatred towards essentially all living beings. This ended with the dead world becoming a hive world to the Vajra.

The next and last major encounter came not from the Vajra but rather from an attempt to get them to stop attacking. The fight came from an unknown enemy warship while operations were underway to drawn the Vajra to the Route of Ages.

This mission was a success. It however came at a high price to the Foundation. In the end however the singing voice of one lucky co pilot attracted the music of an unseen Vajra unit on the other side of the Route of Ages, which responded, drawing the Wandering Vajra home.

The Deva's origins are a mystery. Their first encounter came from a random space time shift that managed to teleport and slice off the top half of the Kukai Foundation Vessel Durandal and summon it to the a Nest brewing within the Mysterious space born creature at the Edge of the Solar system.

No Further encounters have taken place.

Important Notes

The original Vajra units have all but left the StarWars galaxy through the Route of Ages. The Deva however seem to remain mostly in their next after one random encounter at a fleet ambush where it was believed the Deva in high numbers walked away with several disturbing adaptations to different generations of weapons. Plot is ongoing.

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