Watcher's Council

The Watcher's Council, also known as the Council of Watchers, is a mystical organization dedicated to cataloguing and combating mystical and otherwise extraordinary threats to civilization. They are primarily known for being the resources, support staff, and advisors to The Slayer.

The Slayer

"Throughout history, there has always been a Chosen One. The One Girl in All the World, she who will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of Darkness. She is The Slayer."

Her exact origins are a mystery, but it is thought that the Slayer was formed before civilization was formed, when a group of primitive villagers embued a young girl with all of the 'essance of power of the demon.' This girl was gifted with the supernatural strength, speed, and skill to hunt and kill demonic influence. The villagers eventually formed into an organization known as the Watchers which aided, and used, the Slayer for their own ends- -the preservation of human civilization, no matter what the cost. A Slayer was thought of as nothing more than a tool for the war, and even their finest warriors and scholars of the Council were regarded as ultimately expendable.


When the Galaxy expanded, and thousands of worlds began to communicate with one another, it became pain fully obvious that "One Girl in all of the World" was multiplying with each new world that the galaxy brought together. Faced at once with the realization that hundreds, if not thousands of civilization had tapped into the "Slayer" force, this prompted a change and reorganization for the Council. After a thousand years of infighting, the Watcher's Council was reformed into a single coherent entity that was dedicated to combating the otherworldly menance.

Today, the Watcher's Council is chiefly located on Coruscant, though they generally maintain operatives throughout the Republic and Outer Rim.


The Watcher's Council is run by the titular Council, which is made up of the older, more experienced Watchers, some of which have never left their ivory tower. In all, the Watchers generally regard themselves as stoic figures, and the majority of them are from Coruscant. Many of them are trained to be ruthless and logical in their reasoning, and act often as generals or tacticians in the war against the forces of darkness. While the High Council believes in a lot of this high-brow talk of control, and sacrifice, and war, most field operatives generally see themselves as guides and teachers rather than authoritarian leaders. Many Watchers come to love their Slayer like a daughter, and often find it heartbreaking when they must sometimes send the girl off to die.

Aside from training the Slayer, the Watchers also keep a well-oiled 'special operations team' which handles the more illegal aspects of the organization, such as smuggling, and assassination. They're funded chiefly through alchemy, and much of the organization acts as to safeguard powerful artifacts and keep a galaxy-wide information network on otherworldly activity, rather than strict combat squadrons.

Notable Watchers Include

  • Cornelius T. Fistwick the 12th, a 'troubleshooter' who has been known to come in on especially difficult cases, and is one of the most well respected figures in the organization.
  • Cassan Fistwick, Cornelius' son who left the organization when he was seventeen to persue training with the Jedi
  • Barclay Nicodemus Ramsey, a survivor of the Yorick zombie outbreak, who was excommunicated from the Council after interfering with the Special Operations Team's plan to assassinate Omega Kiyoshi
  • Robern Hobbes, a 'walking database of the arcane,' who's vast intellect is only matched by his sharp wit and general misanthropy.

Notable Slayers Include

  • Rydia Mysett, currently being taught off-screen by Cornelius Fistwick
  • Jessa Range, Slayer-at-large with a mysterious past, who was also taught by Cornelius, and who encouraged Cassan to join the Jedi Order. She currently works as a high-risk Bounty Hunter, who takes the more dangerous jobs that generally would require the presence of a Slayer anyhow.
  • Kathryn Potter, who struggled to learn how to balance her Slayer duties and her sensitivity to the Force
  • Morgan Saiteck, the Slayer of the planet Yorick, who was killed during the Outbreak by means that have yet to be revealed. She was somehow immune to the undead virus which ravaged the planet, likely due to her capacity as the Slayer.

Important Notes

In the game, the Watchers aren't a major point of galactic history, and often merely act as support or foils for other more established characters.

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