Wolfram and Hart

Wolfram and Hart is an Intergalactic, and secretly Interdimensional, Law Firm and Conglomerate which is based chiefly out of Coruscant. They were known as "The Galaxy's most effective Law Firm!"


Wolfram and Hart has always existed, in some form or another, inside humanity. The more democratic and civilized a society, the more civilized and law-abiding their cover became. Among the New Republic galaxy, one almost constantly engaging in some form of political manouvering and warmongering, Wolfram and Hart is known as both a highly paid organization of lawyers plucked from the universities across thousands of different worlds, and an organization which helped to organize mercenary groups and help test experimental weaponry. On planets and worlds not connected to the galactic tides, Wolfram and Hart will often take on the guise of a religious hegimony or specialized order. The more towards the core finds Wolfram and Hart playing up their status as a law firm- -while the more one travels towards the Outer Rim shows the rougher, more mercenary side of the organization.


While on the surface they seem to be a completely upstanding and upright business, supported mostly by their tremendous success as a law firm, they are in secret a demonically run cabal dedicated to helping the most dangerous and ruthless people in the universe gain and keep power. Their influence spans several dimensions, as they are run by a group of nebulous "Senior Partners" which exist in a seperate realm to our own.

Wolfram and Hart is notoriously known as a 'full-service law firm,' which provides a wide variety of ways to assist and protect their clients. While many of their clients have above-the-board legal faces, the vast majority of them are secretive, underground forces who's true identities are kept out of the public eye, including the Vampire Nation, the Sith, and other dark forces. Murders and criminal syndicates are some of the more human faces of the firm. In the past, Wolfram and Hart was known to have ties with the Czerka Organization, the Trade Federation, and even Senator/Emperor Palpatine himself. Currently, they are also known to represent many organizations, even from the other side(s) of the Route of the Ages, including the Tyrell Corporation, Yoyodyne Propulsion, Weyland-Yutani and the Umbrella Corporation.

Publically, while they are somewhat known for defending hardened (but rich, and powerful) criminals, and defending the criminally insane, their charity work and excellent public relations department keeps them from being too well known outside of the power elite. They rarely lose a case, attracting the best the brightest. They often hold charity balls throughout the Galaxy, and hold a powerful amount of political pull among the Republic's senators. The firm holds quite a large stake in the Corporate Sector as well.

Privately, they often fabricate evidence using sorcery, destroy the minds of prosecutors with the use of advanced technology, or even actively cast spells to brainwash or otherwise rig the jury. While not foolproof, their shamans are quite used to dealing around Jedi senses.

The main office on Coruscant is over 400 stories tall and boasts a private security force. During the Imperial Era, Wolfram and Hart was temporarily absorbed into the Office of Imperial Accounts. After the reformation of the Republic, it returned to being a private entity.

The Other Rim Offices

Wolfram and Hart's main office involving their Outer Rim interests is located on the planet Tatooine. Following a terrorist attack on it's offices, it was moved to Shinra Row in Mos Eisley, some time in early 20 ABY. Through their Tatooine offices, Wolfram and Hart saw to the legal protection of many powerful forces, including the Shinra Corporation, The Red Dragon Syndicate, S-Mart, the Hutts, Harkonnen Incorporated, and many others. They were one of the chief contacts in the Ryloth slave trade.

The Outer Rim Office on Tatooine is only a paltry twenty stories tall, only eight of which extend above ground. Still, it is a known sight in Mos Eisley skyline, and featured a full laboratory, gymnasium, and a small starport, along with a wide variety of offices and sub-basement vaults.

The Mos Eisley office was largely concerned for the last few years with the prophecy which foretold the possible destruction of Celsec, an organization which was largely the 'angelic mirror' of Wolfram and Hart. While Celsec in fact survived the prophecy, it caused the firm to go through a wide variety of personnel.

Currently, the Chief Executive Officer of Wolfram and Hart is a man named Trenton Tremont, who is known as one of the youngest, but most capable CEOs of any branch of the firm through the last five thousand years. He is credited for single-handedly turning the Outer Rim's profits back into the black and was known across the galaxy for his desire to give back to his home planet, Tatooine.

Secretly, Wolfram and Hart has recently taken over the underground desert complex known as the Vault, and has moved many of it's long-term storage operations to that location. The Vault was then rented out to the Kukai Foundation, for use with an organization known as N.E.A.R.

Important Notes

Trenton Tremont keeps the head of the previous CEO beside his desk, on a pike.
Wolfram and Hart is known to have their fingers in almost everything. While the majority of their clients are, for lack of a better term, evil, they do maintain some ties with more altrustic organizations, such as the Kukai Foundation.
Known (surviving) enemies of Wolfram and Hart including the vampire Angel, Celsec and all of their employees, the Combine, and the individual known only as The Slider.

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