Yeerk Lost Colony

The Yeerk Lost Colony is a group of Yeerks that have become stranded in the Cantina Universe. They have begun developing independently, and attempting to gain a foothold in the Outer Rim.



The Lost Colony was formerly known as Armada-6 Wing-12. They were an outlying border patrol for the Yeerk Empire in their home universe, and the implosion of a sun nearby caused a Z-Space rift that caused the entire wing to be thrown into the Cantina Universe

After re-assembling their forces and receiving a small amount of aid from nearby powers, the Yeerks colonized two planets bordering the Children of the Nile territory that were considered uninhabitable: Black Planet, and Garrison.

A tremendous terraforming effort went underway, and within weeks the two planets were bustling with Yeerk hosts and civilization.

Recently the Yeerks have begun approaching other nations for trade. The Dread Conglomerate has begun cloning Andalite host bodies for the colonies in return for weapons and engines.


The Lost Colonies are a bipartisan dictatorship, with Visser 33 commanding every Yeerk in the Cantina Universe in a direct chain of command. He, however, answers to the Council of Nine, an assembly of ancient Yeerks over 700 standard years old. The identity of the Councilmembers is kept secret even from the Vissers. Presumably they hold other ranks and titles in the military, possibly Vissers or Sub-Vissers, but most likely Sivvors.

The Vissers are allowed to operate independently without consulting the Council. But the Council has the capacity to call any Yeerk to stand trial. The only possible punishment is death by Kandrona starvation.


Only two planets are currently controlled by the Yeerk Lost Colony at this point: Black Planet and Garrison.

Armed Force

A seemingly unique aspect of the Yeerk military is their chain of command. There are four ranks: Visser, Sub-Visser, Sivvor, and Riss. This very roughly translates to General, Major, Administrator, and Lieutenant.

Following each Yeerk's rank is a number. This is a classing system which provides a distinct hierarchy, ruling out many power struggles.

Vissers are generally in command of large forces, having a personal flag ship, army, and commanding escort vessels.

Sub-Vissers command the escort vessels, and are generally used as field commanders. On occasion Sub-Vissers have been known to command continents on colony worlds, but that was in the Yeerk Empire, not the Lost Colony.

Sivvors run large vessels and cities. They are more like mayors or governors than military officers. Officers do not ascend to this rank nor can be demoted to this rank. It is assigned to Yeerk officers who have proven administrative skill. This is the closest the Yeerks get to a civilian position.

Risses are platoon commanders. It is the lowest rank, however footsoldiers are not given ranks.

Ground Command

The Yeerk Army is highly variable. Because of the nature of Yeerk biology and the range of species they have assimilated, they have become reliant on continual adaptation. All Yeerk are military staff, and their personal lives are completely disregarded. With this persistent draft, their standing army can be reduced or increased at a moment's notice. Their tactics have been in persistent change, evolving and adapting as they absorb more species.

Air Command

Yeerk Bug Fighters are the only air vehicles the Yeerk posses. The Bug Fighters, however, come in dozens of configurations for specific purposes. These configurations are constantly being updated and adapted. Bug Fighters are carried on capital ships, and are not long range. They do, however, have the capacity to operate independently for decades without repair or refuel.

Interplanetary Command

The Yeerks maintain an armada of the following registry

Vessel Commander Commander Host Species
Pool Ship 612-Espilon Sivvor 12 Krall 221 Nahara
Blade Ship Kyron Visser 33 Drakun 437 Andalite
Blade Ship Yothas Visser 36 Thonax 56 Human
Blade Ship Proshun Visser 39 Uman 842 Human
Cruiser 03-612-Nox Sub-Visser 195 Boff 933 Nahara
Cruiser 03-612-Ducan Sub-Visser 196 Kull 193 Hork-Bajir
Cruiser 03-612-Volta Sub-Visser 200 Kull 197 Taxxon
Cruiser 03-612-Kuom Sub-Visser 201 Sheb 045 Taxxon
Cruiser 03-612-Bolox Sub-Visser 202 Ponx 252 Ongachic


The Yeerks' only exports currently are weapons and engines. They are currently importing clones from the Dread Conglomerate.


Yeerk culture changes extremely rapidly, however the majority of life on the colonies reflect 1990s America because the vast majority of the host bodies originate there. The Yeerks have their own branches of McDonalds with an identical aesthetic and menu to the original. Films and video games are also popular. Books are not.

Important Notes

Yeerk history here breaks off well before the end of the Animorphs book series. Visser 33 also is a second Andalite controller, in direct contrast to the book series.

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