Zak Hayden

Zak Hayden is a Lieutenant Commander in the Outer Rim Republic Navy.

Character History

Zak Hayden was born to Nancy and Charles Hayden, citizens of the Dread Conglomerate, on the planet Kolya. A math wiz at an early age, Zak excelled academically, though he was noted for having disciplinary problems, getting into fights often.

As Zak entered adulthood, he was required like all citizens to enlist in the military. Zak's enlistment officer noticed his unique skills, and recommended flight academy. Zak took to flying like a fish to water, one of his instructors recalls "he was the most gifted pilot I've ever seen. After two weeks he was flying circles around me." In six months, Zak had graduated top of his class at the age of 18, and was immediately deployed to the planet Javin.

Zak was thrown into combat just weeks after his arrival, during the Egg attack known as the Battle of Javin. Zak accounted for 7 enemy kills during the half hour of combat, making him the youngest ace pilot in the Conglomerate.

Over the years, Zak saw combat in almost every major fighter action in Conglomerate history. He became one of the most decorated pilots in the fleet, and after many years was finally rewarded with promotion to officer rank, and given command of a squadron based out of Larkin City.

During the months preceding the Conglomerate Civil War, Zak was arrested by Conglomerate Marines on suspicion of treason, after he divulged an alarming nuclear buildup to Telena Daiko. He was rescued by a group of friends from Tatooine. Zak took it upon himself to assist those in the Conglomerate preparing for secession by singlehandedly launching several guerrilla strikes against key Conglomerate shipyards. During this time, a significant bounty was placed on his head by Commander Ace Kaelton.

In the aftermath of the Civil War, Zak was given the new rank of Sub-Commander and given an entire wing of fighters aboard the Republic's Glory, a Salvatore-class supercarrier. Zak made two combat tours of duty against the Kaelton Loyalists. During the second, a task force into the Nebula, Zak was shot out of his fighter and spent 14 hours in an evacuation suit with an amputated foot. He was removed from flight duty, and promoted to Lieutenant Commander. His current position is "Senior Flight Officer" for Larkin City, he is slated to accept the position of Commandant at the Guyana Flight Academy.


Zak is married to Lillian Seona Hayden of Tatooine, and lives in Larkin with her and her two sons, Cole and Duran. He has a number of friends, including Telena Daiko.


Zak is one of the most gifted pilots in the sector. However, the loss of his left foot has greatly impaired his ability to fly most fighter craft. It is assumed that he would still be able to fly in a pinch. He is fairly proficient with small arms, but has no hand-to-hand training to speak of.

Important Notes

Zak's official kill count is at 74, though his unconfirmed kills are believed to be much higher. Zak claims he doesn't keep score beyond the 25 kill icons painted on his bird. He also holds the record for the most decorations awarded to any pilot in the Outer Rim Republic

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